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BMW to MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Roarin, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. According to this web site -yes.
    Seems a bit strange with the capacity drop due next year but who can figure out those wacky Germans huh?

  2. Id love to see it. The more manufacturers the better :)
  3. cool so the kawasakis can beat more than just suzuki :grin:
  4. I doubt they will enter a grid this year as what is the point of developing a 990 cc engine to only scrap it in 5 months time. Other teams are already developing next years 800 cc bike. :?:

    One thing for sure though is it will be great to see them enter MotoGP. I have no doubt they can produce the Hp, but the chassis, electronics and tires will all be unknown issues for them.

    I will now leave this open for people to make jokes about:

    MotoGP bikes with panniers.
    Shaft drives.
    Pipes and slippers.
    Wool skin seat covers.
    Covers for the wool skin seat covers. (I swear to god this is true)

  5. They've been seriously competing in off road stuff using the R1200GS HP for a while. Things like the Baja 500 etc. and they've done well. There's been the Boxer Cup (now the Power Cup using K series ) in Europe which has seen some very close racing. The chassis electronics and tyres are probably not going to be difficult with the engineering expertise they have - particuarly the electronics with their F1 background :wink: .

    It's been rumoured since the new K1200's came out that they'd get BMW back into racing. One possibility mooted was the Superbikes. The K1200S took the Nuburgring lap record for a production bike away from Suzuki on the day of its release. :LOL:

    As I've said previously - when BMW bring out new models, they're often right on the leading edge of performance but what happens is that they stay with a model for a long time and then get passed by other makers.

    The R90S, the K100 and the first of the "oil-heads" were all right up there for performance when they were released.

  6. that'll be great for racing, make the spectator action a lot more exciting. imagine all those beemers scraping and sparking their great big german oggy knobs all over the track :p :p it'll be a sight to behold thats for sure :LOL:

    and the heated hand grips will be a welcome addition too i'd assume, some of those races look chilly as... brrrrrrrrrrr :shock:
  7. I saw a picture of BMW's MotoGP bike the other day, if I come across it again I'll post it up.

    It was interesting to see they were using a telescopic fork front end, even though they have all the other different types of front end suspension.
  8. I don't think they'll scrape a K series motor easily :LOL:

    Mind you., the heated grips wouldn't be a bad idea for the Pommie GP :LOL:
  9. apparently BMW are using a 3cyl inline, based on the 2005 Mclaren/Mercedes 3.0L V10 Formula 1 engine, I've seen some designs that incorporate a single small shock absorber to suspend the front end, but from this pic is looks to be using regular telescopic forks.
  10. Here ya go...
    Notice the chain on the 'wrong' side, and steel/iron disks instead of carbon.
  11. If it's like this it's the duolever suspension standard on the new K's - based on the Hossack design.

    Norman Hossack's description

  12. I cant view the link in your post.
  13. Hmm... Works OK for me here with IE. What browser are you using?

    Anyway, here's a pic

  14. Nah it's not the duolever... EDIT, actually it could be, the 'forks' are of a different design, and I cant spot any of the steering linkages, but the shock is in a similar place, it could be a slightly modified version of the road-going duolever system?

    see the 3cyl motor :p

  15. That actually looks more like a Telelever'ish setup to me, look at the lower wishbone.
  16. I think you're right inci, I just found a better quality picture, the forks run right up to the triple clamps and it's quite different to the duolever.
  17. Definitely more like a telelever set up
    (K1200RS below)