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BMW system 6

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by smee, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Is now Australian adr'ed wahtever that means these days.
    Picked mine up today from Southbank BMW, lovely silver fliptop lid with internal sunvisor.
    Tried the Nolan and it faded into comparison alongside the BMW version.
    More to come:

  2. Keen to hear more. Especially with regards to wind noise. Enjoy!
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  3. Smee,

    Enjoy: it's a great helmet! A mate got his Evo 6 a week ago, the main difference that I can see between it and the System 6 is the fairing at the top of the helmet?

    Are you getting the Communicator 2 (BMW Bluetooth) for the helmet? Also, it only got approved for Australia without the Pinloc insert for the visor; I'd recommend getting the Pinloc from Europe or UK as it will make a huge difference with winter rushing up on us.
  4. Nice lid, smee, and I'd be interested too about wind noise. I found my Vemar flip-front good on the Hornet, but incredibly noisy on the VFR.....
  5. It's got a pinlock visor but not the actual pinlock fogscreen, apparently not available
  6. Not available in Australia, 'cos the nongs who certified the helmet claimed the pinloc would reduce visibility by 5%. Regardless of all the other helmets that have pinlocs and are certified.....! Same as the mouldings around the visor hinges, they are there because the standard S6 helmet visor assembly protrudes 1mm more than allowed under our standard :banghead:

    Try Rainbow BMW in UK, I've bought a lot of stuff from them and I'd expect they can supply a Pinloc insert for you.
  7. I'll be riding next week sometime will provide update about noise etc.
  8. Thanks Heli will be checking online for sure
  9. If you do get any fogging in the meantime, make sure the top and bottom vents are open: there is lots of airflow to help demist. Having the sunvisor down will slow the airflow a bit, also check the two holes above your brow inside the helmet are unobstructed to allow the top vent to work properly, they can get obstructed by the lining if it rides up.

    The helmet is very, very quiet, especially with earplugs to deaden external rumbles. Hardly any wind noise :)

    (I've had a couple of System 6 helmets in the past few years, and brought in quite a few for friends before they became certified here)
  10. Thanks mate, what's it like to ride flipped up?
  11. Fine with the front up, depending on your bike. I have it down above 80kph, but in v. hot weather it helps to be 'open face' :)
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  12. Bleagh, can't seem to buy a separate insert anywhere on the overseas sites, Rainbow only offer the whole visor.
    Wonder if the pinlock universal one will fit.....
  13. Try Riders of Cardiff; doug.astles@ridersmotorcycles.com ,Parts and Clothing Manager.

    Riders of Cardiff, Sloper Road, Cardiff, CF11 8AB. Tel: 02920 233559 Fax: 02920 780071

    I've got a spare visor on it's way, but without the Pinloc!
  14. Cheers will try them, pinlock themselves in an email state they only sell the inserts as a package for bmw not separately.
  15. Will be interested to hear your report about the noise level. What were you previously wearing, Smee? Since you mentioned it, a Nolan?

    Rainbow BMW? Do they sell unicorns?
  16. I wish you joy of it.

    Did they have the fluro Yellow ones available?
  17. just the silver and black thankfully
  18. I had a bmw sport integral which lasted 7 years but probably should have been 6 as it was getting rather worn on the inside.
  19. I thought the choice is light grey or black? I have silver and it's nothing like the one offered by BMW Australia!
  20. the silver is not "silver" but some sort of metallic white that looks silver if that makes sense, it's the same as in that pic