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BMW system 6 hit the dust

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Greydog, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm in the market for a new helmet after my system 6 hit the road the other day. I like the 6 very much, but always thought it wasn't the best fit. I had to go up a size when I bought it to stop the blistering headaches, but whilst not "flapping" I thought it could have been firmer.

    So am looking at a Shoei Neotec and see that some people on here have mentioned them in this thread. Can anyone enlighten me what they think? My first helmet was/is a Shoei and it fit well, so I'm assuming I have a "Shoei shaped" head.
  2. Moved your post to a new thead as it is not about the system 6 any longer
  3. that makes more sense...

    I'm thinking old thread??? resurrected??? WTF???
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  4. Hey too bad about the BMW helmet hitting the road. Sorry for your loss!

    I have a Neotec and love it. It's a bit less light than the Shoei GT Air that I also have, but you still wouldn't call it heavy. You obviously already understand the benefits of the flip front. The sun visor is very easy to raise and lower with gloves on, or even to set halfway (handy for keeping a better eye on the sat-nav). There is no distortion through either screen. With the pin lock insert against the main visor I've never had a fog problem either. I also find it gets plenty of air flow, although when stopped at lights I usually flip up the front to keep it cool. You can actually ride with the front up, up to about 50-60km/h. I don't find it too noisy even when I forget to put in earplugs. It's got space for spectacle arms to slide in too, if you need them.

    On the down side, I never quite got the flip front to play nicely with the mic arm from my scala g4. Plus the G4 itself was a frustrating heap of crap, before the mic arm finally broke off for good. I've got the new sena 20s on order so fingers crossed for a better outcome there.

    My significant other has a Neotec as well, and we'd both buy another tomorrow if we suffered a drop.
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    No worries Smee. I still might buy a S6 again, but undecided, so thought I'd ask the question re the Neotec.

    LOVE the flip front. Didn't have any issues with the boom mic on the SMH10, but the clamp had to be attached with the adhesive pad due to the slider interfering. When I bought the S6 the GT-Air was on my list too, but I don't think I'll consider it this time. Should be able (I hope) to get a discounted Neotec for the rrp of the BMW.
  6. I bought a Neotec last Nov, and have put on 22,000km since. Love the Helmet. At first the cheeks were tight, but now when I put it on, I forget I'm wearing it. I could have put in 3 different size cheeks, but I waited for it to wear in, and it did. Excellent Ventilation for those hot days. Felt heavy back in when I bought it, but now, it's not an issue for me at all. If I had to buy an new Helmet , it would be an Neotec. I've heard it said that 80% of riders out there are wearing the wrong helmet. whether it be Size/shape/Brand/Fit. My advise would be to spend 2 or 3 weeks going into shops trying on lots of shapes and sizes. Eventually, you will gravitate towards your most comfortable Helmet.
  7. I have the Multitec....almost identical to the Neotec..
    Love it like fire.. awsum with the flip front but still looks good when down..
    SMH 10 fits nice u just have to pry the lining a tiny bit and it sits about 2mm away from the side.
    Only downside is that u can only take out the cheek pads to clean... not the lining. I'm trying to find a way to clean the lining with no success so far
  8. Fill the sink with gentle suds, put a cloth on the bottom to prevent dings, stick your whole helmet in and give it a wash. Take out anything that can be taken out first. Let it dry thoroughly with good air flow. This should help with the liner. Rinse in clean warm water. Did this with my Shoei TZ-X which also has a non removable liner.
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  9. I bought what I thought was the right size in the S6. Tried it on first and it was REALLY tight. I thought it'd loosen but I couldn't wear it long enough at home to break it in before getting a migraine so had to get a bigger size. It ended up a little too large once broken in so my head must not be the right shape for the BMW. Pity bc I really liked the helmet otherwise. Very light and, before I put the Sena on, quiet. Unfortunately, the sena added wind noise - not sure if that was bc of the slightly off position it had to be in due to the position of the visor slide button. Didn't really matter tho bc earplugs fixed that.

    One thing I didn't like was the way the neck roll disassembled. Needed an engineering degree to figure it out - lol.
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