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BMW System 5 helmet, anyone using one?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by winaje, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hi all. About to replace a Shoei X-SP, and am looking at a BMW System 5 flip front. I have heard that they are really quiet, and am also interested in the integrated Bluetooth kit that you can retrofit if bought overseas etc.

    Does anyone use one of these?

    Any info appreciated.

  2. You should be able to pick them up cheaper as dealers get rid of them: the System 6 was announced at Intermot a few days ago.
  3. B U G G E R ! ! ! ! !

    I have got a nice new black System V sitting looking at me. Oh well, I'm actually really happy with it so far. And I'll be able to get the Bluetooth Kit from overseas somewhere...
  4. I've heard it's unlikely BMW will be releasing any more new helmets into Australia. I was really keen on the new range but I've been told to not hold my breath. ever. :(

    Re: System5. I have a SportIntegral and if they're anything alike they are incredibly quiet if you sit in an upright position. However, if you ride a bike that demands a sportier riding position then they can get quite noisey. On my 848 it's like a thunderstorm in my helmet unless I'm wearing a neck fleece. If I sit up right it's kinda like listening to a sea shell - so not bad at all. I'm going to return it soon to see if I can't get a smaller size/larger wind deflector. as I think the helmet may be too big for me, there is too much space at the bottom of the helmet's opening.
  5. "Any info appreciated.

    I've had the older system-4 since new and during this time I've also acquired some others including a Shoei MultiTek, Arai XD.

    My /4 worked well although, still noisey and needed earplugs for longer rides...
    when the S-5 came out I thought, mmm, nice... didn't rush in, but checked out a few websites and spoke to a few owners... bloody noisy was the most common reply.... so I kept my system-4 as it seemed to be a better helmet!!! pity it's old.

    The MultiTek/flip is heaps noisy, although easy to operate and of good quality.

    Dunno where/how they come to get these "quiet" test statements from, you'd think the premium price for the BMW helmet might have some real design elements and could actually be quiet....

    I find the Arai XD to be more quiet than the others and it's also quite roomy with great summer ventilation!!

    that's my 2c :)
  6. BMW system 5 helmet

    I have been putting up with a system 5 for about a year. It replaced a Shoei syncrotec that I loved. The helmet gives me a sore neck...because it's one size too big. They need to be a really tight fit when new because they loosen up quite a bit & they are quite a heavy helmet....obviously top quality. The tinted visor was about $120 from memory...ouch.

    I am going to buy the Shoei Multitec to replace the BMW.

    My girlfriend loves her System 5, best helmet she has ever owned. It replaced a $100 cheapie so she really noticed a big difference. Her's hurt her for the first probably 10 hours use....now it's a perfect fit.
  7. Just completed 3 day ride in System 5. Also have Shoei X11 which has only been used once (also 3 day ride). Comparing the two:- Shoei is noticeably lighter and gives more side to side vision. Shoei also vents better and fogs less (hardly at all). System 5 is slightly quieter, both with screen up or down. Comfort wise they are about the same.... Shoei is a bit tighter on the sides whereas System 5 is tighter across forehead. Both are comfortable helmets and there is no buffeting with either one. System 5 is a bit like a 'fishbowl' at the base with the chin covered in whereas Shoei tapers in against the line of the cheeks and jaw. System 5 seems a bit more plush inside and thicker padding. Visor change is easy on both. System 5 visors are UV block (not sure about Shoei). Don't really have a preference for one over the other. I usually take glasses off before putting helmet on anyway, so don't find that flip up is any more convenient. Bought the Shoei first and wouldn't have worried about the System 5 except the wife found her Shoei a bit uncomfortable and she wanted to go back to a flip up. The System 5's were on special so got them fairly cheap. Previous helmet was an old Nolan flip, E100 I think. Found it to be very noisy and had a constant rattle from the side pod.
  8. I replaced my Shark RSR2 with a System 5 because after 2 years my contact lenses were starting to get very uncomfortable so I felt I had to go back to wearing glasses and the Shark really wasn't comfortable with glasses.

    I'm loving the System 5, it feels like there is a lot more room in front of my face, the ventilation isn't quite as good as the Shark, and because the System 5 has a wider section of material under the chin I find it fogs up a lot more when stationary, but lift the visor and it disappears.

    overall I really like it.
  9. having just bought a beemer bike I thought about what helmet to get. BMW I think stands for Big Macho Wallet as their prices are marked up huge for the brand. I bought a Nolan elmet as the reviews indicated it was good for road touring and has an intercom system compatability. Personally I'd just go for a blueant system as they work with almost every phone/intercom. All these proprietary systems like Nolan, BMW, etc are a complete wank and a waste of money given the markup price they sell them at.

    After riding 1000 KM with my Nolan helmet I loved the sunscreen visor. I bought the full face helmet and I did get some fogging in the cool mornings. The first click up fixed the problem. When I was overtaking in the rain I even learned to hold my breath to maximize clarity. It did come with an anti-fog/mist thingie but frankly I cannot be bothered to work it out as I reckon it is really designed for European winters.

  10. I agree with the comments made by Oze about the price being steep for the BMW gear, however it is good gear however and IMO is up the top as far as quality and function is concerned. My experience has come at a cost due to purchasing cheaper products that didn't perform as I had hoped and then spending the $'s on the BMW gear in the end. I am not rubbishing any other product, just saying that you get what you pay for. If the BMW gear was the same price as some other product, which would you buy ? Food for thought.
  11. oze, wait till procycles have their sales, most of the gear last sale was around 50% off. Got the missus some gear there last december; helmet (sports integral), pants, gloves & boots for around 850.

    From memory the system 5s were going for ~ 500 and the integrals ~400
  12. hey good advice