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BMW system 5/6 Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Strawb, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I have a BMW system 5 helmet, which has the relevant AS approval. The new BMW Sysyem 6 helmets do not have this approval (as far as I know) but have a good comms sytem that can be added. I don't think that the new System 6 comms sytem can be fitted to the System 5 helmet.

    On looking at various options re comms for the system 5 helmet, I see that the Schuberth C3 has a collar that has a comms system in it. Review here:


    The Scuberth does not have Oz compliance either. The collar that fits the Scuberth looks suspiciously like the collar on the system 5 helmet and might just fit.

    Has anyone tried it or does anyone have more info about it? I currently have an Interphone F5 which is ok but not brilliant.

    Many riders have been buying the System 6 or Schuberth C3 from overseas anyway but that approach causes some concern because technically you are riding without a helmet if the one you have on your head is non compliant.

    I don't know whether this would lead to a) a fine for not wearing a helmet or b) some problem with insurance should there be an injury whilst weaing a non approved helmet.
  2. I'm not sure there are many users here who would know the answer to that question, you might be better off asking this in the bmw forums or the ulysses forums as more users there would be familiar with the system.
  3. I'll leave this here for the sake of it
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  4. Go ask at BMWSportTouring, there's a seemingly endless mine of information that I never would have thought anyone would even want to know there.
  5. I have a System 5, and have the applicable BMW Communicator 1.2 fitted, plus a System 6 with the Communicator 2. I changed over the circuit board on the 1.2, making it a V2 so the two helmets are fully compatible and usable with my K16 (which is only fully functioning with the V2 in both helmets).

    The Schuberth is not fully compatible with the K16, and the neck system does not fit the System 5, nor the System 6.

    The System 6/Communicator 2 has a different microphone fitting to the System 5, and does not fit. I do have a spare Communicator 2 (new, in its box) sitting around in the shed, and fitting instructions for both the System 5 and the System 6, both of which I have installed myself.

    The System 6 is a marvellous helmet, far superior to the 5.
  6. Thanks Heli, have you found an issue re the compliance with the australian standard? I would be happy to get the system 6 helmet except for that.