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BMW ss1000rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VasRR, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls,
    Getting my license back very soon and going to start test ridding again for a new 1000cc bike. I had a cbr 1000rr repsol 07 but know looking for something diffident. I had tested a 1198s but a little to expensive.
    I will be going to test ride the BMW s1000rr and was wondering if anyone has one or test ridden or even heard any info on them.
    Cheers Vas

  2. Heard nothing but good things

    Seems to be the new benchmark according to the likes of rapid bikes

    personally i actually like the styling as well
  3. I test rode the s1000rr and thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately the dealer refused to remove the software limiter so it wouldn't let me go past 7k rpm :censored: This made it difficult to compare outright power with the other 1000cc bikes, although I have been informed by others who have ridden unlimited versions that the power is incredible. The handling was fantastic, very light and nimble, the brakes were phenomenal, and I didn't find the riding position uncomfortable at all (I'm 189cm, but had been riding my brother's zx7r for a few weeks, which has quite a cramped riding position).

    I was quoted $27,990 for one with all the electronic goodies (dealer refused to get any without them), as opposed to $16,990 for the 2010 fireblade. For me, I didn't think the bmw was $11,000 better than the fireblade (which is what I bought), but if the price was taken out of the equation then it would probably get the nod. I think you should definitely test ride the bmw, and don't discount the 'blade, it's a pretty good bike too.
  4. Yeah I really liked my 07cbr for i am around 6 to 6.1ft and fit quiet nicely on it. I will be trying the new blade as well. Hope I get the same fit as it is a little smaller. Decisions decisions. I don't want to make the wrong one. That's for sure
  5. Believe all the hype about this bike. It will win 2010 bike of the year in every country at the end of this year. Rode one for 4 hours a few months back and I thought I could have rode it another 4 hours straight. It is awesome and the power shift will make you think "why the hell haven't the japs offered this yet straight out of the factory." Wouldn't be paying 28K on the road though. They are about 24500 with ABS and traction before on roads, so they should not be going for over 26K. Look elsewhere if the dealer is trying to pull your pants down.
  6. Funny I should read this as mine arrives in the shop tom`w i test rode this bike against quite a few bikes(aprillia rsvr factory,1198s,cbr) you should be paying around the 25k otr There are a couple of new colors coming yellow and black/white personally think the black(thunder grey) is my choice I have a pretty cool dealer did have a loan of there demo for a weekend after I had paid for it.any questions feel free to ask away. Personally think this bike rocks.
  7. Quite possibly my next bike, after the Gixxer and R1 are sent on their way....one day ;) Might be a while though.