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BMW Sneaker 2 shoes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by taiheung, May 7, 2007.

  1. Anyone got the Sneaker 2 shoes from BMW or have an opinion?

    They're selling for $100 at the moment up @ Worthington.
    They seem pretty decent for a city shoe especially at that price! Stylish too. Would be good when you are riding your bike to an inner-city social occasion, probably not appropriate for tourers etc.



  2. I remember reading a post by someone (Incitatus, I think) saying they had bought the Sneaker 1's and that they were quite good.

    $100 sounds like a bargain :grin:
  3. Not quite, I have the 'City' boots. They are very similar, a sneaker style boot, but have a different style toe and a flap over the laces. I have three pairs of boots, and I wear the BMW's 9 out of 10 times. The only problem I have had with them is in pouring rain, where if your over-trousers ride up a bit, water can pour into the top of the boot. In general though I would say don't hesitate, you'll never regret it, you can wear them pretty much anywhere, and there aren't many motorcycle boots that you could genuinely walk all day in and be comfortable.

  4. Cool. I bought a pair! They look significantly different to yours, they come up much higher it appears this may be a solution to that "rain pouring in" effect you were talking about. They also look a lot more like a normal pair of sneakers, the pair in your photo kinda like a bit "fatter". I actually had a mate of mine spot the shoes straight away while I was off the bike and comment on them. He couldn't believe they were bike shoes and said they actually looked really good. I was stoked.

    They are very comfortable, the ankles and heel are nicely reinforced (though not to the same level as a full boot) and the toes have a small amount of reinforcing. They are really sturdy around the bottom and have slight sidewalls. They are completely soft ontop though - so while the leather will stop you from losing your toes, they may get crushed. I think with these shoes you would be kidding yourself to think you're fully protected, however it is much better than wearing a normal sneaker.

    So far I'm VERY impressed! And for $100 they are an absolute bargain!
    Apparently their normal RRP is $120 which is still cheap, they must be clearing them for new stock. Awesome light inner-city riding shoe fellas.
  5. Thanks for the heads up

    I like the one's inci posted up :cool:

    Will be up that way on Friday so will drop in
  6. hmmm compared to a traditional pair of bike boots, how do hey go for protection? They seem to be cut rather low.
  7. I can't speak for the others, but mine have full Kevlar armour everywhere that counts, including the ankles. The only area that a higher boot would protect better would be the shin. I am happy to take that risk, which I assess as minimal, because in all the times I came off in my racing days, that was one place that never took a hit.
  8. Wear motorcross boots when riding off road, and a pair of these when riding on road. A bit heavy to walk around in, but zips make them easy to get on and off.

  9. Toecutter ^^ What are these boots you speak of? Are they HD's?
  10. I want a pair.

  11. Cool boot but not everyone's cup of tea.
    Personally I've done everything I can to stay away from the "docs" kinda boots.

    As to the guy who asked about protection, the Sneaker 2s come about 5-7cm above my ankle. Protection is definitely compromised in comparison to a racing boot or full riding boot but then they are much more user friendly as a daily shoe and easy to walk around in.
  12. Yeah HD's. Bought them from a Wal Mart in San Diego somewhere - they had 20% off all shoes and cost around $US85 :cool:

    I've removed most of the bling :shock:

    Never seen them for sale here - most of the on-line shops will ship over though.
  13. $100 sounds pretty good for the BMW boots, I was considering getting a pair already.
    Has anyone seen them in shops in Sydney? My bike is almost back on the road, and I didnt particularly want to have to drive the car up to Worthington
  14. Try Procycles in Hornsby.
  15. Well today we bought 4 pairs of these boots in total.

    Wortington didn´t have a lot of the common sizes so I bought my wife a pair there because she has tiny little feet (36).

    The we rode to Procycles in Hornsby and got three more pairs. One for Toecutter, one for Roboo and one for myself. Downside is they are $130 in procycles but we got them for $110 each pair becuase we were buying three pairs. Well to tell you the truth the salesman wasn't very keen on giving us any discount.

    I like the boots so far so now I have to wear them and give them a workout and so does my wife.

  16. $130 isnt that bad still for a pair of boots, sure theyre not full on riding boots, but Ive paid the same amount for sneakers! Might go to procycles then.
  17. Thy're really comfortable, have had them on for a few hours :cool:

    Ask for Michael up in the accessories area - then ask for the close to Worthingtons sale price :p Don't know how quickly he'll forget three guys trying on numerous pairs of the same shoe in a hurry :p Tell him the only reason you're there is we sent you in and know the price is really $110 :wink:
  18. Hey Kharn they are riding boots and good quality. No shin protection but good ankle protection and good support to avoid breakages. Also reinforced so they don´t get ruined with the gear lever.

    They are a good compromise for those days that you really need to walk a lot or don´t have another pair of shoes with you but without leaving the protection factor behind.

    I can fax you my receipt so you can use it as evidence!!! LOL

  19. Gah I've started some crazy trend!
    Now everyone will be walking around in amazingly sexy Sneaker 2s!
    I think they are bloody brilliant for the price.

    Munecito did you by chance notice if procycles had the BMW pro race jacket?