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BMW Service Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by R1200R, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Does anybody out there know of a capable BMW mechanic other than those owned by BMW Dealers in Sydney. One who delivers promises would be nice. Reasonable rates would be a bonus. I'm sure there out there.

    Recently had new horns fitted to replace OEM kazoos on my R1200R. Cost of Dual Stebel 139 db horn $39.95. Cost of Fitting over $340 - can you believe it? Add service costs @ $110 per hour while the guy has breakfast and I'm spewing.

    Years ago had the best mechanic out of a private garage in Maroubra who liked working on bikes for a reasonable $ and knew what he was doing. Think he got sacked from a dealer's garage for smoking something that smelt strange. He was still the best mechanic.

    Come on guys. Who is accredited and pis#@d offf with the boss? Do you want to get yourself up & running?
  2. Only heard about these guys - MMT, at the end of East Street,Granville. 9637 0277

    And had my starter motor replaced by Motohansa at Rydalmere
  3. Yah... that $110 an hour figure is starting to look like the industry average for work.

    It sort of makes having a bike that's out of warranty rather expensive :(
  4. Thanx might follow thru on those guys at Granville.
    Yeah $100 ph seems steep.

    Had some work done in Melbourne on way to Philip Island @ Moto One. Their labour cost was $90 ph I think. Remember some of these dealers have large overheads but smaller mechanic shops should be able to charge a fair bit less and not be swamped by overheads i.e. put more in their pockets.

    At the end of the day I know we have to pay but not for breakfasts and on one occasion for them to get a part which should have been in since I was pre-booked to get specific work done.

    It seems the brain isn't engaged until the meter is ticking. I'm sure there are keen capable guys /gals who want to build a business or moonlight.
  5. Thats BS. How did they justify that much for a half hour job?
  6. $100/hr looks expensive, till you add up the costs of just opening the door on a trades related business in a large city.
    As for costs, you bought a BMW, and are worried about servicing costs? Did you do any homework first? :LOL:
    Frankly, I would not be surprised if there's like an hour's work in and out to get to the horns on a late model bike, my old GTR, it takes about 45 mins just to get a view of the horns.......
    The two options available to you are either learn to do teh basics yourself (which is really not hard) and use the money you save for when you NEED the dealer to do something, or just keep forking it out and remain ignorant of it all (not an insult to you).
    Don't expect to find a legitimate mechanic in a large urban area that will charge less than around $ 80/hr, and if you do, you really don't want to use them, they'll be a shonky backyarder with no backup if it all goes wrong.
    People ask me why I do all my own work on my vehicles, and why I don't jusy "pay someone". Well, when I can make more than $100/hr, I may consider paying someone. Until that time, I'll just keep paying for materials only I think.
    And it's not just the money, I KNOW it's done, and done properly, plus I do not have to organise a lift to/from servicing etc.
    I save around $ 7k a year over two cars and a bike doing my own work....

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. And the thing is, Doing an oil change isn't hard, and doesn't take long. Valves take a little longer on most bikes, but it really isn't hard work. Once you have done it once, its just like clockwork, it happens without really thinking.
    I find the hardest thing to be gaining access to things, not actually doing the maintenance itself.
  8. Typhoon I understand overheads. No problem. I'm in business. I understand that if there is not a quid in it for the next bloke he won't stand up.

    Understand some things take time but hey, taking off a tank and there it is - the horn ( I was watching, 15 mins tops - like we all watch the taxi meter in a traffic jam). A few wires and ... breakfast and inefficiency aside where is the dealers $340?

    I merely ask for honesty, efficiency and a keen mechanic who wants to put the money in his pocket, not be charged out @ $110 and be making $40 p.h.

    And by the way owning a BMW does not indicate open ended philanthropy, let me tell you. Hard earned & saved.
  9. This is not intended to be an open ended whinge by the way.

    Sorry forum.

    Just looking for a good mechanic if anyone knows one!
  10. Motohansa in Rydalmere
    They only work on BMW's, but if you want a cheap mechanic, don't go there.
  11. You know what they say.... If you can't afford a new BMW, then you definitely can't afford a new one!

    Used to have an older BMW (car). I took it to a place in Hornsby called Bee-Ems but I assume they are cars only. Were great though. All factory trained, BMW specialists. Lots of brand new BMW's there having regular servicing instead of a dealer.

    But I don't recall ever seeing them working on bikes
  12. Shit, another reason why my bike never goes to a mechanic.

    Good luck finding one. On cars, which I'm petrified of and never try and touch, the best mechanics are the guys who are operating out of their own house, like you say.

    Best of luck!