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News BMW Scrambler To Arrive Before Year’s End

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 9, 2015.

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    The BMW R nineT is widely lauded as a great retro styled motorcycle with modern performance, but with a price similar to that of the S1000RR means many people looking for a modern ‘retro’ bike will choose something like the newly released Ducati Scrambler. That’s all set to change later this year with BMW Motorrad almost certain to release a Scrambler type bike based on the R NineT – and it will be priced competitively with the Ducati.

    Despite its cost, the R nineT has been very successful for BMW, becoming its fourth most popular bike in its range last year. Using an air-cooled engine, its the perfect model to send down the Scrambler route. Even more so than the Ducati Scrambler however, the BMW version will not have any off-road aspirations.

    The R nineT with its 1,170 cc engine already weighs 222 kg wet and any attempt to compete with (or at least near) the Ducati Scrambler on price will mean the use of cheaper components which almost always weigh more. Reports that we are getting from a handful of BMW Motorrad dealers in Europe who have been briefed on the upcoming model state that the engine will remain as is, so no weight savings will be found there.

    That means 110 hp and 119 Nm of torque. But other areas of the bike will be of lower specifications. Gone are the spoked wheels of the R nineT, replaced with cheaper alloys that will likely be clad in ‘dual-sport’ rubber like the Ducati. The S1000RR derived front fork will be replaced by a much more conventional unit, possibly even based off the F 800 R.

    Brakes will also be donated from other, cheaper models within the BMW stable, while the exhaust will be a twin, vertically stacked unit that will sit beside and just below the rear tail section of the bike.

    There’s no doubt the R nineT is a great canvas off which to base a Scrambler. It’s hugely popular among customisers and has already been converted into a ‘Scrambler’ on many occasions, such as the one pictured below by French customisers Boxer Design.


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  2. *Throws wallet at computer screen.....
  3. If they can price it close to or the same as the Ducati Scrambler they'll be on a winner for sure.
  4. Is anyone else thinking 'WTF they already make *real* off road bikes'?
  5. Wooohooo can't wait until the end of the Poobs and year now! Hey Mr WombleWomble yet another beemer for my ever growing next bike list :D
  6. Stop it. I'm already considering a NineT to accompany the fat K.
    As confirmed by cockrocketcockrocket and ReesaReesa today when I floated the idea of a 2015 Valkyrie.
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  7. You know it's the right choice.
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  8. I know, but the bad back from too many years of power lifting calls me to the old side.
  9. If you get a Valkyrie I'm painting it pink
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  10. No point, that's the colour I've ordered it in .
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  11. lol where are all the wankers that were sooking about a $13,000 Scrambler...
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  12. The R Nine T retails at around $22 K hence am not certain that it will be a cheap scrambler.
  13. Have you seen one up close? The detailing is exquisite.
  14. I'll let you ride mine WombleWomble ;)
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  15. I'm this close >..< to buying one. ReesaReesa was on my case today about it.
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  16. Oh yeah! Real close. Sat on it, stared at it. Touched it improperly (forgive me father) and had bad thoughts as well.

    Would have loved it to make it my next bike but couldn't justify the price tag. Wee bit expensive for me.

    But you're right. A magnificent bike.
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  17. So WombleWomble will I get to ride yours then so to speak...:D you know try before I buy...;)
  18. Come on! You should never use logic when buying a bike.
    I could either spend the money on removing the tree that is threatening to destroy my roof or buy the NineT.
    *rushes off to see if the garage can fit a second bike*
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  19. Hehe..

    I know. My logical voice (read wife) always travels inside my head.

    Well, whats the worst that can happen? Divorce.

    I can always remarry. Or just happily stay single with multiple bikes. ;)
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  20. You just confirmed that you're a true biker.

    Remember, the ideal number of bikes is N+1 where N = the current number of bikes currently owned.
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