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BMW S100RR ......drum roll........???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RossiProtege, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. BMW S1000RR ......drum roll........???

    What is your take on the bike and what do you expect it will achieve this year? Will it cruise to domination over its counterparts as hyped?

    Who is contemplating buying it and who is going to snub it for a Japanese bike??

    I have looked at a couple of reviews, and predictions are it will take the liter-bike class by storm. But I' m sure Yamaha and Honda will have something to say about that.
  2. Whilst it is a gorgeous bike and I came this close || to buying one when it was presented to the public, I think the $28K price tag, whilst reasonable for hte amount of bike you get, is not going to do it any favours.
  3. It's a BMW. It's going to have brilliant engineering, world-class finish, and the might of the BMW empire behind it. It can't help but succeed. However, all those advances cost money and prospective buyers will have to ask themselves if spending 10 grand more than a Japanese superbike that can probably match its performance (if not its exclusivity) and satisfaction is feasible.

    For me, the answer is obviously no. It can't possibly be a 10 grand better bike than a 'Blade or an R1.

    I predict that it will sell well to its target clientele. Well-off mid 20's to late 30's riders who will ride them once a weekend or so, wearing their (equally expensive) designer BMW riding gear, and who then spend the rest of their time gloating on online forums and in the golf house about how wonderful their bike is.

    My great disappointment is that most will probably end up in the hands of riders who couldn't ride out of sight on a dark night.
  4. I heard that BMW was going to price it in the CBR,GSXR, etc ball park. They must play on some pretty big ball parks!
  5. Well, now, if it WERE to be priced sub-20k that would make a lot of difference. Mind you, I wouldn't expect to see them being discounted soon after release like the Japanese distributors do!

    Having said that, if I DID have 24k to spend (and I don't) I'd be waiting until the new VFR comes out before plumping down my money. Similar horsepower (yes, I know, more weight and different style) and much more "real world" practicality.
  6. I think the ride away price for the base model is 23.5K or something in that range.
    Now if I wanted to pay 21K for an 09 R1 (I know that you can get one for sub 20K now) , I wouldn't mind to pay the extra 2-3K to get the beemer.
    My only concern would be it's a new bike that hasn't been tested in the real world yet. I mean what we do with our bikes and the way we use them is way different from what WSBK riders expect from their machines.
  7. If you bought one, you'd want all the techno upgrades that make it such a monster - the powershifter, traction control, ABS, all the cool stuff. That's what probably tips the price up towards $28k.
  8. A guy I know ordered his and an Akrapovic exhaust and some other goodies, I think he's right around the $30k mark out the door. He's mighty excited for it though, and I know he'll be tracking it :)
  9. I think the base model includes the shift assist and ABS but being BMW means there are lots of other goodies you can't resist. IMHO the price should be closer to 20K mark if they really want to compete with Japanese for the market share in the super sport class.

    Edit: The base model just includes the shift assist, ABS and DTC are extra options.
  10. That's ok, sooner or later their bikes WILL filter down to rest of us, and the better the silvertails treat their bikes, the better it will be for the rest of us :angel:
  11. I have to say what the bike seems to be offering is special but it really depends on why you are buying it. I don't expect a lot of the potential customers to be serious racers/track day fanatics. The right to brag would probably be a motivator for some, but it depends on its track performance against the Japanese bikes mostly to me and whether the inflated price tag in comparison is really worth all that money.
  12. Has the Australian pricing been officially announced or are you guys still just speculating? In every other markets this bike has been priced just a bit above Japanese literbikes but I wouldn't be too surprised if we get screwed over here - that's what usually happens to us...
  13. The price was announced a while back when dealers started taking deposits. You can see the price if you check it on bikesales
  14. $27K+ORC for the "everything" model.
    and $24K for the basic package (I think)
  15. wouldn't bmw be trying to steal more of the dukes market share with a mid 25k price rather then the the big 4 jap bikes with there 20k price
  16. The way I see it, is its trying to steal a bit of both. Ducati owners are pretty loyal, more than Japanese bike owners probably because of the reasons that motivate them to purchase a Ducati in the first place, so it wont be easy stealing them away. At the same time some Japanese bike owners could be motivated to try something a bit different but not to the extent of a Ducati or Aprilia. So they are trying to penetrate both actually.