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Bmw s1000rr

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by raven, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Seems to be a trend taking shape. I just put a deposit down on nice new S1000RR. (Blue)

    Wew!....THIS is a seriously potent bike!
    I could'nt resist it.
    Delivery in 4-6 weeks.

    It's the ONLY bike that was able to lure me away from my oustanding Daytona 675. If I could, I'd keep both. What a pair they'd make! Woot!

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  2. Excellent! Nice choice!
  3. Huge bang for the buck-serious track weapon.
  4. Haha! Why did I envision you having a hoot on one of these some days ago?

    Congrats! :)
  5. Woo Hoo...Nice work Raven.

    Congrats. (y)
  6. Now that's a machine to be jealous of. Nice work! ;)
  7. must be tough to let go of the daytona, but onwards and upwards, be careful young fella!! thought of you today, wishin had your skills as I did the GOR to apollo bay n back, had fun [well as much as I could] enjoy the new beastie :)
  8. Nice work mate, but can't believe you're getting rid of the Daytona... At least I had no say in mine!

    Picked up a KTM Superduke, what a Monster! It's going to be a lot of fun :)
  9. So jealous! Same as you, that is the only bike that might have me move on from the Daytona. Did a track day on one and fell head over heels!

    Congrats, I might have to hold off a while though myself. And I'll tracky the Daytona maybe :)
  10. You should have waited for this though ;)
  11. Great choice (y) I am biased though...:wink:
  12. Nice choice Raven! Welcome to the club. :)

    I believe with your blue one, netrider members own the complete range.

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  13. Lucky you, they seem like a pretty special bike.
  14. Don't tell [MENTION=35088]aussieak[/MENTION]... he ditched the idea of the BMW for the Daytona.

  15. Damn you people and your RR's!
    Had i known about that bike coming out id likely have held off :p.
    Well, i dont regret what ive got one bit, but i suspect i might move my 5 year plan up to 3 years :p.
  16. I'm used to a lot of power. ( my 07 Blade was pulling about 183hp, with all my crap on it. I had to be careful in some respects. The S1000, absolutely shIts on it. The safety or what I prefer to call enhancements, won't be lost on this bike. And will be a genuine assist for the odd times I do stupids, but managed to save my arsk.

    I'm really quite sad to have to sell the Daytona, but whoever gets it, is gonna have the second best sports bike on two wheels. That's a good thing. :)
    All the same both would be good. There is something a little devilish about climbing all over and/or passing thou's in the twisty bits, and to see them fall back while the "D" and me went nuts. Lol :)
    Now, I'M gonna be one of them with one of those pesky 675's up my clacker! Lol

    Now the wait is gonna kill me. I don't W W W Wait too well once I've reached a decision. Eurgh!
  17. Yeah. [MENTION=35088]aussieak[/MENTION]...you made the right choice mate. Your Daytona will teach you far more about riding than the S1000RR. All the S1000RR would have taught you is how to scare the shIt out of yourself everytime you rode it.

    I've got quite alot of experience with reasonably well developed skills, and technique, and this bike gets alot of respect from me. It'll be two full seasons before I'll be riding it as confidently as I can ride the 675.
    I'm buying this bike, only because it means I am going to have to improve my skills and abilities overall to match it, or at least be able to keep pace with it most of the time.
    And I wish I could keep my Daytona as well. I said it before...it's the 2nd best bike one can by today if you're a sports rider at heart.
  18. Good job taking a run down there, Goddie. Lorne to Apollo Bay is particularly nice. :)
    Yeah seriously...I think the guy who buys it, is gonna have to pry my fingers open to get the key...Ah well...One thing I can garauntee...the Daytona won't be going to just some ******** nob...I have heaps of time to suss out a deserving owner.

    I must get it listed here on NR (thanks for reminding me)
  19. I already know .
    I am very happy with my choice of bike. Once I get used it all and relearn to ride it I will be even more happy with it.
    Damm if I knew you were selling I would of bought your slip on before I bought the new one ](*,) never mind. back to enjoying one beautiful BMW
  20. ^^^ This is me, I will drive everyone around me crazy in my insane anticipation. I hope your loved ones go unscathed!


    Beautiful bike and hopefully I can look forward to seeing it in action one of these days.

    If you haven't seen Dionikon's, the tricked out BMW Badge Integrated Indicators are a marvel.