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BMW S1000rr

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kyjelly, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Have been riding this machine since mid Feb and 1st service done last month. I can only comment on the bike in comparison to my old bike, a '08 CBR1000rr.
    First impression when I took delivery, very smooth throttle control, especially in city riding. Gear shifts are also smoother although there's the clunk like the Honda going into 1st from neutral. Emits more heat than the Honda in city traffic but temperature readout on the gauge is similar to the Honda, between 70 to 107 degrees. The span on the factory clutch lever on the BMW is much wider than the Honda. The brakes bite better on the BMW and the feel is better. Wind buffeting, hardly any on the BMW. Sitting position, very similar but BMW has more room to move about. Instruments, very similar but the Honda has a larger speedo readout. Mirrors are better on the BMW. BMW has more vibration on the handle bars but hardly any on the foot pegs whereas the Honda is the opposite. Pulling power, BMW feels a lot quicker and smoother through the gears. Self cancelling signal lights on the BMW is useful. Built in lap timer is easy to use.
    When the low fuel light comes on, the display will show a count down of the kms left to empty, a very handy feature. Handling is pretty similar to the Honda but the ride of the standard suspension setup is firmer on the BMW. Body panels are well put together with metal screws rather than plastic screws/rivets. Paintwork is excellent. Oh, launch control is also standard so for those who fancy trackdays, this would be a useful feature.

  2. launch control ay... how does it work? Does it pick the revs and launch when you release the brake or something like that?
  3. The way it works is when you shift into first on a stand still and throttle up, the shift light will only come on and remain on when it is in the right RPM for an optimum launch. The traction control will be activated to minimise wheel spin and wheelie on take off. Dump the clutch and off you go. If you give it too much throttle the light will blink to indicate too much throttle. Too little and the light will not come on. Simple!
  4. I think the BMW engineers would cry a little reading that review. Appreciation for their engineering marvel comes down to the mirrors, indicators, and a vibe free foot peg. Or is it that all the 1000's are just so good, these are the discerning factors?
  5. awesome. :)
  6. i actually think thats what makes this a good review. all "reviewers" will marvel at all the nick-nacks but in reality the normal rider wont be much quicker than a gixer or cbr... but they notice things like vibes and heat.

    everyone thinks they need that extra 10th of a second but in reality its a massive wank