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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, May 11, 2009.

  1. Odds on, this new Beemer might kick a bit of arse methinks:


  2. Wow!


    Love the ugly headlights on BMW superbikes.
  3. It might, but with these different shape headlights it looks like someone gave it a real good smack on the face.

    What were they thinking? I guess they were thinking that different shapes/sizes of their headlights are becoming something of BMW signature look. Perhaps they were also thinking this bike was looking too much like all the Japanese literbikes and needed something to make it stand out.

    Well, mission accomplished. It's just like the stupid square cowl on ZRX1200... I get it that's the thing that sets the bike apart, but in both cases I would prefer the bike to blend in a bit rather than stand out by being exceptionally ugly!
  4. Aye, well, looks don't really bother me so much, all the faired bikes are a bit nancy to me. But the technology in this thing is just stupendous, it's getting up to the level of the stuff they use in cars. Bollocksed if you have to fix anything, but if it's all working, it's an incredibly smart machine.
  5. Maybe Ill hold off buying the big bike til 2010..... :)
  6. Yup. Hopefully it's as robust as other Bimmers, cos you can't fix it yourself, and you know you'll be signing children into slavery to pay for them to fix it.

    FWIW I reckon it looks ridiculous.
  7. Wow i love bmw's styling....especially this, the f800s and k1200r
  8. So.. we have this new kick arse 'blade, a new aggresive R1 and a ballsy high tech bimmer.

    Hello Suzuki?

    Anyway, the new bimmer looks the goods on paper. Seems they've taken getting this bike right very seriously.
  9. Headlight reminds me a bit of the endurance machines. I think it'll grow on me, as with anything a bit different it's a shock at first. I thought the new blade was horrlible at first but now I'm quite fond of it.
  10. Wow! Good stuff BMW. Who wants to guess the price? I say $29,990 before all the usual BMW options.
  11. If they take off the fairings and add motorcross bars it would be nigh on brilliant. As it is, for a nancy-man's bike* it looks like a serious machine. The tail light is beautiful, right up there with the Aprilia RSVR of a few years ago when it was first released.

    *It has fairings
  12. I'm hoping for less because it is supposed to be priced 'within 10% of Japanese competition'. In fact in Europe it is priced at 15,150 Euros, just 255 Euros more than a Yamaha YZF R-1, according to this post: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/11may09_bmw_s1000rr.htm So maybe low 20s in Oz?

    Not that I'd be getting one. I might even be able to afford the purchase price, I just can't afford to keep something like that...that's very annoying, come to think of it.
  13. I doubt it will be low $20K as the K1300S which is a heavier and less powerful bike already cost $26K. If it sells for that price, I'll grab one and put up with the odd front lights. The S1000R is BMW's most powerful bike, 200kg wet weight and some 190HP with premium parts, so my guess is around $35K.

    Aprilia's RSV4 is $32K and so is Ducati 1198S. Can't wait to see honda's new V4 which will be announced by the end of the year. Good year for superbikes, time for a long awaited upgrade.
  14. ....and then I jizzed in my pants....
  15. Yes, but BMW specifically said this bike wasn't going to be priced against Ducati 1198S and the likes, it was going to be in the same ballpark as the Japanese literbikes. And pricing in Europe confirms this is indeed the case... of course there's always the possibility we'll get screwed when it comes to Australian pricing - wouldn't be the first time, I suppose.
  16. Bugger me, I'll buy one tomorrow if they had it (assuming price parity with Jap bikes, of course). Asymmetry in both headlights and body work, a proper road ABS and traction control, great engine tech...

    From what had been written about it on the net, it's not exactly small, large German neutral seating, which is fantastic for someone of my 6'7 frame.
  17. 6'7?? farkenell!!!! :LOL:

    It definitely does it for me. Wonder if my short-ass (5'5) would "fit" this bike? Love the headlights for the simple reason that they're unique.
    Very curious to see the price tag.
  18. I love it.

    But I would take away the traction control if at all possible. Or at least make it so you can 100% turn it off when wanted.
  19. Wonderfully gorgeous machine looks really mean like a real weapon. Funny how the Triumph speed/street triple owners are drooling over this bike :)
  20. I'm liking the looks -- though that particular color scheme is not doing it for me, and the turn indicators look a bit off -- but I'm just nitpicking.

    I'd imagine I get this over the Japanese literclass supersports if the price was indeed around that particular range