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BMW S1000RR: this is what they'll race in SBK 2009

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Apr 17, 2008.

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    It's beautiful .... I'd so like to ride it on track

    Can one put youtube videos on netrider?

    maybe not .... well you can see it here: [media=youtube]g73dp9JZy_c[/media]

    Very interested to see what it will sell for; BMW reckon it will be competitive next to the jap superbikes ... but as they don't make dedicated 'superbikes' (unlike Ducati with the 1098R) it's a little unclear.

    This could well be my next bike ... :grin:
  2. mmmm stealth bike, the opposition won't see it coming :shock:.
  3. That is beautiful. I'd propose to that :rofl:
  4. Very un BMW like this is.

    It is almost a clone of the CBR/GSXR/ZX10/R1 configuration, but I really am looking forward to them entering world SBK in 2009. That year is shaping up to be massive with the entries from KTM, Aprilia also joining the grid to do battle. That will be a total of 16 full factory bikes is all teams field two riders each. That could fill the entire superpole session.

    This could really knock the dwindling MotoGP class for six as they seem to keep losing entries.
  5. Personally I prefer watching SBK to motoGP ... although I certainly appreciate the hyperperformance and technology of the motoGP bikes too.

    As I understand it, motoGP sh1ts all over SBK when it comes to audience, both TV and on track, so it should be around for a while yet.
  6. Trouble is, traction control is trickling down from GP bikes to roadbikes and the SBK class, and a lot of what makes SBK so exciting is the loose 'n' hairy stuff in and out of the corners.
  7. True, very true.

    I wouln't mind traction control on track though, it would take away some of the risk for 'normal' riders like me. Or am I expecting too much from it?
  8. The SBK series is really going to be the one to watch next year (not that I'll get to as I don't have fcuktel, I'll just be even more angry at missing it than I am now).

    I'd like to see Max Biaggi on an Aprilia and spend the season not crashing every lap.

    Nice bike BTW, hope it's competitive enough that they remain in the series long term. That goes for KTM and Aprilia too. I'm bored watching duc and hondas at the front all the time.
  9. I raise my fist in respect towards Haga-san. He is my fave.

    Back to the BMW. I thought they would have done something a little different which is the usual BMW way of doing things.

    3 cylinders perhaps?
    Duolever front end?

    The pnumatic valves may be the only difference now between BMW and the Japanese four, as now all the factory SBK teams are well and truly running traction control. Ducati have had it for several years.
  10. Any man who cracks the shits enough mid-corner in a race to shake his fist in fury and then high-side himself out of the race is a legend - possibly dangerous to be near after a few beers, but still a legend. Go Haga you crazy little man :twisted:
  11. Can you furnish video of this Jakey?
  12. unfortunately no. Saw it live on someone else's fuktel. Trust me though - was brilliant! :cool:

    that man...so angry, sooooo very angry.... :twisted:
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  14. :LOL: That never gets old!

    "Fuka you Biaggi fukka-san..Ohshiiiiiit!" bang! tinkle tinkle .....
  15. That looks awesome. Although looks very much like an of the other 1000's going around. Usually BMW like to do things a bit differently.
  16. Like get their arses handed to them on a plate in the performance stakes kinda way? :wink:

    A lot of their gagetry is fine for bikes that are not required to ever go really fast and handle at the limit of control. Which is probably why they binned it all and went for conventional forks and other tried and tested technology.

    One day I'd like to owner a boxer twin, but not any time soon.
  17. I don't know, I reckon this is as cool as it gets:

  18. Oggy knobs? Nah! I've got tappet covers!! :LOL: