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BMW S1000RR races car on Top Gear this Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kermie, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. S1000RR-TOPGEAR.

  2. not quite topgear but....

    hopefully the ep on sunday is a bit more realisitic
  3. I'll definitely be watching this episode. Thanks for sharing. :)
  4. Even close is pretty impressive for the S1000RR here. The Atom's not only got two extra contact patches, it's quite possibly got the better power to weight ratio as well, depending on how much the rider and driver weigh.

    Would love one of the K20 I4 powered Atoms, let alone the V8.
  5. Atom V8 500hp 612kg (curb) power to weight ratio (hp/pounds) = .370
    BMW 1000rr 185hp 204kg (wet) power to weight ratio (hp/pounds) = .411

    The irony is that the atom is a bike motor in a car, ie 2 busa heads on a custom block)
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  7. Add a 75kg rider or driver to that though... 0.33 for the Atom, 0.30 for the Beemer. Either way, very close, should be fun to see.
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  9. The fact the bike was close is prety good as mentioned above the ar has 2extra contact patches.
    Wish i had bbc2 to watch this I spose il see it eventually.
    Its quite clear which one is going to win imo
    They should put this up against a wsbk s1000Rr
  10. Looking at the picture, it looks like gambon which is the last corner on the top gear track; which doesnt mean a good result for the bike.

    The bike will have one advantage which will be better speed through low speed corners. It should be faster in the slower turns as the atom cant use its downforce here and will turn into an oversteer/understeer nightmare.

    The atom v8 uses slicks as factory, dont know about 1000rr; 4 wheels equals better traction then 2 wheels.

    However it may not always be the case

  11. You sure it's on this Sunday, from what I can see the cricket is on all night?

    And the next episode is on Tuesday but it has a different synopsis:
    Or is there another newer Topgear on Foxtel on Sunday?
  12. THe bike's gonna get taken apart, sadly.
  13. Its the UK schedule not aussie.

    The atom is a purpose built race car on slicks with headlights (dont believe it can get rego in AUS?) and its up against a stock road bike.

    If Top Gear wanted to make it a more even playing field they could of thought of Troy Corser's BMW race bike.


    The previous atom vs bike battle they used a road cbr600rr, it was a nugget in comparison.
  14. From what I've found on the 'net BMW did bring race-spec. bikes to the Top Gear track, but they went for a road-spec bike for the shoot.

    I suspect that the producers were trying to orchestrate as close a finish as possible, rather than aiming for a realistic comparison (much like they do with every one of their "challenges").
  15. If he's riding properly I wouldn't be so sure. When they compared a similar car to the CBR600 or thou, the rider's knee's were a several inches above the ground on every corner. Needless to say he lost, but not by heaps. If the rider does it properly, it could be interesting.
  16. Apprantly James is the driver of the Ariel Atom in this one.
    The bike's jockey is a British Superbike regular.

    So, as far as I can guess - I have absolutley no idea what the result will be?????

  17. I do :D
  18. Yes, they cannot let the bike win...it's a CAR show for petrol heads and big money boys. But it will still be interesting, if it's real.
    If they try to creat drama we'll see the bike slow down so the car can catch up, or vice versa, and the rest will be clever editing of 2-3 runs put together.
    And it will be painfully obvious if the bike is not fully committed.
    But I consider the selected car to be wrong.
    It should be supercar vs superbike, not some track dedicated car. You can take your girl on the back out to decent lunch or dinner, but from my recollection, you could'nt do that with car? Am I right??
  19. Car in the photo looks to be a 2-seater, but unless it's the on-track cafe you ain't taking the missus to lunch in it...
  20. If you have the cash to buy an Ariel V8 I'm sure you could easily make up for leaving her at home for the day.