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BMW S1000RR - On it's way

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Dionikon, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. So after all my careful consideration of which new bike to get after my restrictions were up it all kind of went a bit sideways.

    The original plan:

    Buy a mid sized Sports or Streetfighter style bike. eg. Ducati 848 or 848 Streetfighter.

    Seems sensible enough to me.

    But all that was completely forgotten on Saturday morning. I decided to take a new 2012 BMW S1000RR for a test ride. OMFGWTFBBQ!!! I literally got off the bike thinking, "I gotta have it!".

    So, being the dutiful husband that I am I cleared it with the financial controller, and put my deposit down this morning!


    And now the wait begins. Although luckily the bike I've ordered was produced on the 6th of January, so it's most of the way here already. :D

    I'll post some real pics when it arrives, but for the time being, this is what it will look like.

  2. From restrictions to that??? Be careful!
  3. thay are one sexy sexy bike,
    i love the shark gills
  4. Ooh yes, I doubt it will be out of rain mode for the first few months.
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    That is beautiful man
  6. Top notch choice (y) be careful now!
  7. That is one SEXY looking bike! Drooooool. Let us know when you are planning to bring it to the Saturday prac & I'll make sure that I drop in to look at the bike more closely. :D
  8. I'd like one in Virgin white [like me] lol
    I'd need detuned by 300% tho, heard power to weight ratio on these rockets is somewhat impressive to say the least
  9. Awesome! think it might be a transformer,careful looks like it bites...Cheers Tezza.
  10. niceee one mate!!

    but, be careful, even with the rain mode on. i'd image the power to weight ratio be heaps more than a lams bike still.

    also...don't forget oggy knobs :)
  11. Bullshit!!
  12. Saw this on the website.

    BMW Motorrad would like to say “thank you” to all the riders, mechanics, journalists and riding enthusiasts who have made these achievements possible. So until February 29, we’re including an Akrapovič Titanium / Carbon slip-on muffler valued at $1,300 with every S 1000 RR purchased. Don’t miss out, see your BMW Motorrad dealer today.

    Are you getting one as well??
  13. Nice. Looking forward to checking this out in the flesh.

  14. Congrats D!

    Tappin' not talkin'
  15. You, sir. Are doing it correctly!
  16. Congrats, very smart choice. From all reports the 2012 model is an improvement on what has been the best sport bike on the market for the past 2 years.
  17. You sound like my brother when he took a 916 for a test ride. He didn't end up buying it but it was fun to see him twitching with the adrenaline overload. I"ve seen a few S1000's with R&G aero crash knobs, doesn't detract too much from the looks but gives you piece of mind.
  18. Thanks for reminding me LL, I'd seen that before but completely forgot about it when placing the order yesterday. I've ordered the pipe, but am theoretically paying for it, free is much better though.

    I'll call BMW today and find out what's what.
  19. If I were moving from LAMS to a 1000cc supersport off the bat, I'd stick some aftermarket fairings, plus oggy knobs on it for the first few months of ownership. This is in addition to the "not taking it out of the rain mode" that you talked about.

    I am not doubting your skills or abilities. But just hoping that you do not have to go through the heartbreak of looking at a cracked fairing in the unfortunate event of a drop.

    Do some rider training on the new bike too, then slowly taken the aftermarket fairings off, put the shiny new original ones on and just ride the farker. :D

    of course this is just all my opinion. :)
  20. No probs, N. Did you order the pipe through BMW?

    Plus you have placed your order before the 29th so you are bound to get that free offer. :)