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BMW S1000R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Here's the naked S1000RR at EICMA this year.

    A quick vid.

  2. uploadfromtaptalk1383601152282.
    This will eat it
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  3. sorry bmw but that headlight is ugly as hell
  4. Supposedly those orange wheels will be available as options.
  5. Honestly I think the price to get the orange white split wheels would be high. Better to get them painted or stickered up
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  6. Looks awesome but wish the headlight was symmetrical
  7. I like the asymmetrical headlights. They look different and appeal to my practical side - function over form.
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  8. I love the damn bmw...not sure on the naked look,but BMW will eat anything ;) don't hate on personal opinion!
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  9. Interesting touring bike. I wonder if BMW will do the same. image.
  10. I like the headlights too.
  11. Don't think so. I'll bet a mild detune
  12. Supposedly 160HP and tuned for lower down torque etc for street riding.
  13. So down 20hp on the superduke. And the s1000rr engine only produces 112Nm of torque anyway. Compared to 144 for the superduke. Can't beat a vtwin for a naked bike
  14. Fair enough I still like the s1000rr on the basis it looks awesome. And I'll never come close to milking the s1000rr to its end. Let alone the superduke
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  15. Another "naked" bike with 200 kilos of massive plastics and headlight. WTF?
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  16. 112nm, that's cute.
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  17. I know right. Lol
  18. I'm with RRdevil & JimmyD on this one.

    Fark off BMW 'naked' pffffttttt.....

    Gimme a big twin....torquey motherfarker for play time.
  19. uploadfromtaptalk1383861425553.
    It's not really even competition for the 1290sd. More competition for the tuono. They have a similar look. Whereas, and I'm not being biased as I will still ride the bmw and tuono before 100% committing to the SD, the SD is just more of all the good things. Those saying the ktm will suffer from engine troubles, it may, a friend has a 990SD never had an issue. But tell that to the hordes of other owners like triumph, Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, aprilia, all had issues at some stage. Yes the 1290SD is all new but don't be hating because you don't have one. It is the official machine of hate from Austria