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BMW S 1000 R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, May 30, 2014.

  1. That looks awesome
  2. Looks like a brilliant bike. Done 177hm/h on the ER6N. Anything over 200km/h on a naked bike would have to been just plain scary.
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    "It's a Jizz machine, it's a Jizz machine! We've found it!"

    This is my next bike.

  4. I believe RRdevil has some spare cash
  5. I want one! Good price too and the Aus model well specced.

    Out speccing a HD Skirtster isn't hard though lol
  6. Say what you will, but the breeze up my dress is fantastic.

    No - but seriously. Of the HD's the 1200 Forty Eight is the way to go. Very fun, I have no problems keeping up or out pacing the guys on my commute.

    Anyway - that is off topic.

    Good price - I checked bike sales and it was 20k?
    How much do you think they are?
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  7. Great looking bike, and it makes the new Ducati Monster 1200 / 1200S look way overpriced.
  8. Around $22k ride away.

    Dynamic suspension, even cruise control
  9. no its on topic remember you can ONLY keep up on the commute
  10. I can only imagine how awesome it would look in red with all the carbon and HP bits and the full Akrapovic exhaust. I don't know, too many bikes and too little time and resources!
  11. Around $20.5 k for the base +$2k for the high spec with additional computer mapping. Order today and pick up near the end of the year, they are that popular. Much better value than the nostalgic R Nine T, cheaper, better electrics, and killing the Nine T for sales, as buyers tend to like both machines.
  12. My advice would be to ride the thing on a freeway for half an hour first. The problem I have with big grunt naked bikes with upright positions is the wind factor. Maybe you have a neck like an F1 driver, you're going to need it.
    Caveat….I'm a woos.
  13. I checked one out at BMW southbank today and was a bit disappointed by how the blue one looked in person.
    Gotto find a place in Melb with a red one to have a looksy.
  14. Yeah somewhere around 20k, given what Ducalatte ask for the "decent" Monsters and the, V4R Tuona and 1290 Superduke R pricing I thought it was pretty good.
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    for me, if only that doesnt have those little fairings side and if only it comes with round old-school type headlight, I will say Holy sick!

    but it looks still great. XD
  16. You're in luck then, BMW have a bike for you, it's called the R Nine T.
    I don't think a round headlight would suit this bike. I've seen it in person and can only say that pics don't do it justice. That mean looking asymmetrical front end really sets it apart from the competition.
  17. Quite possibly, maybe, the most beautifull naked bike I have ever seen.

    In one foul swoop my next bike upgrade 'short list' has been whittled down to one.
  18. Sat on a white one yesterday. Sure was pretty....

    BMW know how to make it attractive. They have "Guaranteed buy back", which knocks 8k off the purchase cost, but you have to give the bike back and get a new one after 3 years.