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BMW rider clipped by commodore this morning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, May 14, 2009.

  1. Was stopped at the lights corner princes/warrigal this morning when perpendicular traffic got the green. BM had likely split to the front and may not have clearly been in one lane, commodore pulled out quickly when lights changed, and knocked him (sounded quite hard) on the side. Bike stayed upright and rider seemed ok, gave some horn. Looked like they pulled over a bit down the road to sort it out. Doubled back afterwards but they'd gone, so can't have been too messy. I reckon the car was at fault, hope he saw it that way, would be interested to see what happened afterwards.

    Had a bit of "oh shit" for him, because same thing almost happened to me not 5 minutes before (I'd split, didn't clearly claim my lane, hatchback thought she'd take off before the lights turned green)

    I tell you when it was clear I very clearly moved in front center of my lane for takeoff, +8 to clear, assertive riding
  2. I had a similar experiance at the big roundboud at the end of elizabeth street in the city, where bob jane is.

    traffic was stopped and i filtered up to teh front in the right lane. but i was on the left side of the right lane. there was a gap and I moved forward. then I got hit hard from the right side.wobble wobble but i caouldnt believe I didnt drop it.

    I the car that hit me took the second exit and I took the first, so I couldnt double back to check it out with him. originally i thought that he tried to hit me intentionally, but reflecting on it, he prob didnt see me as he was looking right to check for gaps in traffic and when he saw a gap he just took it without looking left.

    my zorst took a BIG chunk of paint out of his side...

    since, I never filter to the front of roundabouts where the driver might not see me
  3. i ushally take an extra second of caution from taking off from the lights,,, you never know when a cager will run a red and either cause a brown mess in ya shorts or worse ;)...
    good going for seeing if the guy was ok..
  4. Never been clipped before, but have been in that situation where I didn't "own' my lane when filtering to the front.. and thought .. :facepalm: :eek:hno: [-o<
    I try to ensure I am 'in front' & not 'beside' the leading car, which mostly means I've travelled over the white line

  5. I've not been clipped on my motorcycle before, but certainly have been tapped or bumped by cars on my pushie. Both times it happened 10+ years ago, and both times I was in a bike lane heading around a left corner while the oblivious driver cut the corner as they drove around it.

    Both times the cars were 'soft' four-wheel-drives (think Honda CRV, etc.), and both times I clearly remember watching the driver through their back window, seeing their heads in between the two front seats... like they were adjusting a radio or looking for something on the passenger seat or something.

    The second time it happened it was just around the corner from a strip of local shops, and I was able to see the guy who hit me turn in and park. I got to him about 30 seconds later and dismounted as I saw him duck into a small grocery store to grab something. I was tingly with rage as this guy almost ran into me, and I was mindful of a family friend who was killed jogging recently in a similar situation, so it was all very real to me.

    Anti-climax though - I accosted him in front of a line of about 10 people waiting at the registers and announced that he'd just hit me and almost cleaned me up. I didn't have anything else to say, but at least wanted him to know that he needed to pay more attention in future.

    His reply? You can guess.

    "Sorry mate, didn't see you".

    Ten years later, I'll choose to view it as rider training :roll: