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  1. That's a cool pic Michael. You did well getting that bike.
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  2. Nice, it's got the red LS paint job. I had one of the original white wheeled LS650's in 1983 but it got stolen with 250 kms on the clock, but I got it back when the police found it on the side of the road about 11 years later. I was surprised to see it only had 278 kms on it and it had obviously been kept garaged on it's side stand unused, the whole time, when I got it back the o rings on one side were melted. Put in a new battery, rebuilt the carbs flossed the jets put in some fresh oil and it fired up first go.
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  3. Such a lovely bike.
  4. That' a good picture of your bike Michael, usually I only get to see the back of it as you shoot off into the distance, then to only catch up when we stop for coffee.
  5. Don't want to be late for coffee!
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  6. BMW airheads are great bikes.
  7. if you have trouble catching up to a R65 you should go and buy a maxi scooter, you will be there for coffee long before Michael ! And I do love that R65, one of the best looking classic bikes!
  8. Believe me, when it comes to coffee I am a highly motivated rider. It helps when the other bike is slowed by L plate restrictions of course.
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  9. As Michael mentions, L plates are restrictive. Hopefully gone in a couple of week but P's aren't much better.
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  10. nice looking bike
  11. I saw one pretty much the same as yours around UNSW today. Could that be yours??
  12. I hope not, I will check the garage! :)