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BMW r65 tyre question

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jackstar, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi People,
    This is my first time on this and any forum! I,ve just bought on ebay a 1981 BMW R65, it has been standing for the last 10 years and doesn't,t run. Question is... It,s got 17,000 k,s on the clock, no idea if it's first second or even third time round. I thought if I could find out what the original factory fitted tyres were it would give me an idea if it's the first time round... Does any one know???

    I,ve bought it as a long term project, I know very little about bikes, I ride a scooter for fun but haven,t really had bikes since I was a kid ( currently going through a mid life crisis according to my wife!!!) It comes with a Haynes manual and at present a lot of enthusiasm from me, we,ll see if that lasts?

    Any way no doubt I will be posting many questions in the months to come, so hi and thank you in advance for all the knowledge that you guys may be able to impart.

    Cheers Ash (what the hell have I got myself into?)

    P.s what,s a tag?
  2. Google seems to say 90/90 or 100/90 for the front and 110/90 for the rear.
    Im looking at one atm for a project bike as they are on the lams list as well.
  3. Hmm, was thinking of the make of tyre, thank anyway
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  5. I've had both Avons and Dunlops on the R65LS and they've been fine.

    You can run tubeless (on the LS anyway)

    ps If you're in Victoria join the BMWMCCVIC if you want more advice than you'll ever use.
    And access to special tools and even more advice at the workshop days :)

    Edit: And here's a good piece on tyres for the R65 http://www.webbikeworld.com/Motorcycle-tires/sizes.htm
  6. Can't you get tyres for these bikes from the local bicycle shop....

  7. I've got a scanned copy of an old R65 Owners Manual if that's of any use to you. PM me if you want a copy.
  8. Hi Jackster, I'm a new owner of an 82 R65 (plus obligatory Haynes manual). Mine has 80 K miles on the clock, to give you an idea. I'll go and see what tyres it's running later tonight and let you know, for what it's worth.

    The R65 is my first bike and from the little putting around on it I've done I'm loving it. Welcome!
  9. Hi, appreciate it, thanks. I've since found out that they originally come with German Metzler tyres and that these are the best tyres for an R65, anything else seems to affect the handling, so apparently if you are a true BM nerd these are the tyres that you should be running.
  10. OK, mine's running Bridgestone 90/90 on the front and Michelin 130/80 on the rear.
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  12. Hi and welcome to NR

    Was going to say in those days it would be Metzlers. BMW always used tyres from the Fatherland.

    And the conventional wisdom of the time certainly was that nothing else was as good. However my last two sets of tyres have been Michelins. Phil at K&R Motors thought they were a bit better than Metzlers.

    Due to wheel size choice is unfortunately limited and I am yet to find anything in dual compound. Pity, cos living in the west I end up doing heaps of Freeways kms just trying to get to twisties and normally scrub out the centre of the tyres long before the edges.