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BMW R65 Parts & Tools

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dalemation, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Any one here an expert on the older BMW's?
    I want to get my 1985 R65 beemer back on the road but I need a specific tool which BMW wants $300 for!
    I need to get the output flange off at the cam shaft. (The clutch is rooted)
    Can some one help me out with this? Or am I going to have to make one?

    Also at some point I am going to need a new petrol tank for it (the only thing holding the current one to gether is builders bog and paint) any one know the best place to look for one?


  2. Calling TonyE to the bat phone, this one is for him :cool:

    Check out your local BMW club. The Victorian BMW club has specialist tools that you can borrow if you are a member. It might be worth the joining fee

    Do a search on the net; there are several sites out there that have allsorts of information that may help you.
    Sorry I cant be any more help.
  3. Local BMW Club is certainly the best bet :wink:

    I'll ask around to see if any of the R65 owners here have one. The BMW Club here probably will have the tool - I'll see what I can dig up for you.

    Good place to look for a fuel tank is at Discount Motorcycle Wreckers here in Melbourne. They specialise in BMWs and may well have a suitable tank - they had a couple of R65's in a few weeks ago. There are other tanks that will happily fit on an R65 as well - I'll ask around to see what else will fit.

    There's some really good web sources for older Beemers - http://www.r65.org is a good place to ask dumb questions :LOL:

    There's also the Internet BMW Riders site they have a selection of air-head tech stuff here

    http://www.airheads.org is the home of the airheads mailing list - huge amounts of technical info and assistance at your fingertips.

    I'll post any specific info back to here as I find it. Perhaps the other OFARCs with R65s or R60s can help as well (Come in Inci & Brian :) )

  4. Thanks for your help TonyE!
    I found a bmw wreckers here in Adeialde which I need to check out too.
  5. I've had a chat to a mate who has several older Beemers - most tanks will fit yours if it's a normal R65 - the R65LS like mine has some slight differences. My friend has a GS Paris-Dakar tank on his and apart from being significantly larger it actually looks good with a fairing.