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BMW R65 exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by percrime, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Ok so a girl friend of mine has bought this R65 (as a learner bike actually, gotta love LAMS) The aftermarket exhaust is pretty loud. So we have a couple of original headers. And I bought a couple of silencers supposedly a direct replacement for the originals from a BMW dealer.. (who I have no reason to believe has screwed me around so I wont identify) Anyway... something is wrong. When I put the headers in the silencers they are too loose...(for clamping up to work. I think. But I dont actually know.

    I need to get someone with a clue to have a look.. Or take the bits to someone with a clue. I am in Blackburn North. Melb eastern suburbs. Can anyone help?

  2. I think there are two separate exahaust arrangements for airheads of around that vintage One arrangement has a single muffler per side and the other has a common primary muffler and then two secondary mufflers (one per side). Sorry not sure what the R65 is meant to have.

    The primary muffler is like a collection box and is common to both sides, that is, two header going in and two outlets to take the mufflers. If you have this arrangement , this has some sort of gasket between the outlet pipe and the muffler so I suspect the mufflers are loose to take the gasket.

    The arrangement with the muffler straight onto the header pipe doesn't seem to have a gasket so I assume in this case the fit is tight.

    I have a manual (Clymer) but the illustrations aren't that informative and the instructions aren't that much more than take everything apart, put everything back together. The most informative instruction is don't work on the exhaust while it is hot.

    Going to be at the Sat practice in St Kilda tomorrow, if you read this in time and want me to, shoot me a PM and I will brig the manual and you can have a look for what it is worth.
  3. No that does not sound right. I have 2 header pipes...a single pipe connected between the two.. and a muffler on each pipe.

    I have what ought to be original headers and I have whats supposed to be a straight forward aftermarket swap muffler. But its a loose fit. And I think its too loose a fit for the clamp to er clamp. Which must mean one component is wrong
  4. send a pm to TonyE, he's an R65 expert (y)
  5. Thanking you. Done.
  6. I've an R65. There's a newsgroup dedicated to those machines at - http://www.bmwr65.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl

    I'm sure they will be able to solve the problem.

    Now, as this is my first post, I'd better go & introduce myself.
  7. I know for sure there are at least 2 variations for the R65 exhaust systems and I suspect there is a 3rd variation for the twin shock non LS R65 as well although I can't seem to track down details of it.

    I had a similar issue when I ordered a header pipe from staintune and ended up with the wrong type. Mine was fitted with twin exhausts with a single balance pipe near the front and twin mufflers but I recieved a different type from the shop and it wouldn't match my mufflers.


    This is the R65LS version.


    This is the R65 mono shock version.
  8. Yep interesting this is the twinshock but has the monoshock zorst. Hmmmmmm. OK I think I has it sussed. The aftermarket muffler needs shimming. And bolts on at right angles to the mount to the exhaust mounting bracket...slightly dodgy IMO.. not to the bracket itself which gets chucked.. or actually not made. I,ll pass on the R65 groups details to Sally the owner of this thing who will doubtless up the cuteness quotient in due course. Not replacing the headers.. not this time anyway so now I just need to get a small hole wielded... and some bolts and we is in business.