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BMW R1200ST is now learner legal in Vic!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Iondah, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. These disturbing images of a brand new BMW R1200ST displaying an "L" plate were captured today in the Monash University car park...


    Yep, WTF?!!
  2. Re: BMW R1200GS is now learner legal in Vic!

  3. :shock:

    If you were a genuine learner, why would you be riding a 1200??

    If you were a genuine learner and riding a 1200, why would you advertise it???
  4. well.. i guess he has a mine set of .. if I get pulled up.. i'll get a $100 fine for not riding to my learner's conditions... and if he got pulled up with out a L plate .. he'll cop a 3 point and $200 odd fine for not displaying..

    but no insurance for him

    that's of course.. if he as genuine Learner :p
  5. lol whata breaking news

    do you have to pay to park the bike in the car spot?
  6. lol I believe it is a 2-3 point (if the copper is tight) if a full licensed driver/rider doesn't remove the L plate

    i'd like to see him lane filter / split with those paniers :p
  7. That aint no GS1200 :p

    R1200ST is my guess
  8. You are absolutely correct Toecutter is a R1200ST
  9. Adult learner? BMW have a detuned version??
  10. What state are the plates from? MIGHT give a clue as to what state the rider's licence is from. Something about QLD golden age riders no capacity limit springs to mind???? Or NT ????
    I'm in Victoria so not an expert on QLD rules...
  11. Sorry John, the title of the OP was a bit of a joke...

    It's actually parked between two car spots in a bit around that yellow post. So it's FREE!!! Well, I haven't got a ticket from doing it yet...
  12. QLD just got real tough...car licence before your bike licence,100 hrs log book blah blah blah..not sure about oldies
  13. isnt there a rule that if youre over a certain age (30?) once you get your L's your not restricted to any motor or power to weight ratio? I know there was this rule in NSW (maybe not anymore?), so probably same for VIC.
  14. \

    nothing like that in Vic.
  15. The "over 30" rule for NSW is that you have to get your L's and be on a learner-legal bike until you take the Provisional/Full test. If you pass that, you are unrestricted for bike selection but can't carry a pillion for 12 months.

    So in theory you could go from "No bike" to "Hayabusa" in about 8 days. ;)

    But during the Learner license period you have to be on a learner-legal bike.
  16. Re: BMW R1200GS is now learner legal in Vic!

    + 3 - WTF indeed?? A lecturer perhaps - "now officer let me explain - I am writing my thesis on the probability of being called a knob, while riding a brand new BM, while on L's"

    knob jockey!!