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  1. Batchy submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Finally own one

    Read more about this showcase item here...
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  2. Hi Batchy, congrats.
    Recently I started looking at 2nd hand 2014 models but found gears /transmission very clunky and excessive mirror vibration.
    Have ridden a new 2016 model & theses issues were minimal.
    Current new BMW promo price is $30,990 with all gismos incl GPS, keyless, etc, but doesn't come with a top box???
    Have been quoted $1,400 - $1,600 of genuine BMW top box .... WTF???
    Did your package come with the top box or did you purchase separate please?
  3. The topbox on the RT is not included as standard, even though all other options are.
    The topbox from the RT is the same as the GT/L which comes with it standard, but to add it, they are almost $1800 usually, so your $1400 quote is cheap! They are way overpriced, but the new ones come with central locking (a godsend if you use the box often and you won't appreciate it until you no longer need the key to open and close it) and a light inside.

    Here is a tip...
    The older topbox from the RT, GT going back to 2007 will fit the new rack, they are identical, just without the central locking and internal light. They are about $900 new and can be bought from eBay on occasion for $500 ish in excellent condition.
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  4. Thanks Tweet, will give that some thought
  5. #5 Batchy, Apr 27, 2016
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    Hi MalM. The bike is pre-loved, really loved, and was in excellent condition
    It came with everything, including the audio system.

    I know the top-box is expensive, but when you see the quality of build, it's definitely worth the money.
    It fits the bike, matches the bike and is very functional. We ride two-up mostly and it can hold two helmets easily.
    That's a bonus when you come to a location and you don't have to lug helmets around.
    It doubles as a backrest for the pillion and makes her ride comfortable.

    On overnighters, all the boxes come off very easily and can be carried indoors like regular luggage.
    In the morning, the boxes slip on and lock into place. Very well thought out system. I'm sure you've experienced that.

    I'd be happy to pay the money for the top-box. It's a low volume manufactured item, so will be expensive.
    It's your passion; pay the price.
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  6. Hey Batchy, many thanks, appreciate the advice.
  7. Gday Batchy
    A great choice of bike, congratulations. These beautiful machines are so good to own & ride. Not cheap but if you value excellent engineering it's worth every cent and I think of this every time I start my GS. It will exceed whatever you ask it to do and then ask if you want more.
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  8. Its D day for me tomorrow ... both from the same bmwmotorrad dealer LOL, whats the chances of that?
    option 1: a 2016 demonstrator approx 2,000km (in the new gorgeous bronze champagne colour) no topbox, keyless, lifetime GPS updates @$29,500
    option 2: a 2010 in pristine condition 48,000 km in white /silver with topbox, same latest version GPS @ $17,000
    having massive battle between heart & head /wallet .... have put a deposit on the 2016 to hold for a month whilst being used as demo - there have been calls from everywhere for it including dude from Sydney offering immediate cash EFT, ..... sorry bro, I have my finger on it for the moment
  9. The current Wasserboxer is a completely different performer to the 2010 model. Also with the new model you will have an excellent 2 year warranty and that new bike smell ;)

    I'm not a great fan of the current model top box with reduced storage space, OTT price and (on the K16, not sure about the RT) extra wiring for the high mount stop light which makes the mount/unmount time nearly 5 minutes! Much better to get an older model top box and spend a few $$ on a colour match plus re-key. Panniers and top box are also much better used with liners to store gear and clothes, removing the complete box to carry into a motel room is very cumbersome. Personally I don't use panniers or top box, preferring a BMW tail bag. Either the expanding 20lt for town running/filtering, or the 52lt one for touring. Both a 10 second job to remove, less drag = better fuel burn (10% more range) and nothing to get in the way when filtering or through tight spots. Panniers are nearly a metre wide, it does make a difference!

    If the $29,500 model is still being used as a demo there could be room for a better price, or a massive discount on new Motorrad gear. Maybe pannier liners thrown in, or a tail bag?

    I wouldn't take the second hand unit unless the price difference is critical.
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  10. Batchy, may I suggest that you get some engine guards (& MalM too) preferably not the BMW plastic ones? If you tip over then you'll scratch or damage the engine cover without them, the plastic ones can deform and/or allow road gravel to get underneath and damage the covers, too.
  11. Thanks Heli

    There's quite a few opinions about the types of engine head covers to buy.
    One says plastic because it's bolted to the frame and deforms to absorb impact energy.
    Another says don't buy metal because they're bolted to the head or cylinder mounts.
    So I'm not quite sure.

    But looking into it for sure, as you've advised.
  12. The plastic one deforms, but can also trap gravel if you're sliding and then deform, damaging the head:


    The BMW alloy guard is (IMO) much betterer:

  13. They could have easily designed a crushable sacrificial bolt-on Alu strip (tastefully designed of course) at the point of impact to the road on these heads. Cheap to replace, looks good. But No, again, that would be too unGerman.
    They cast the handlebars in one piece probably just to stop the Rider making the bike more comfortable. (many 2010 models were shimmed)
    They probably thought, Nein! Nein! we cant have shims seen on our bikes. Stop them, stop them.
    And then the stupid Oil filler cap. The ridicules tool does not fit without damaging the fairing.
    On the 2010 model, they managed to design the tire valves so you could not inflate the wheel.
    You stop at the Servo and you cant inflate your tires? Lol! it takes a bit of skill to be that stupid.
    So, why do I ride one? it's gets me there and back reliably. I'm not into bling.
    Are they worth it? Naa.
    They have a bunch of fans who blindly follow the brand, and the business case survives.
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    If you want to inflate the tyres, it's best to use a foot pump and tyre pressure gauge. More control and accurate.

    I'm one of BMW's fans and follow the brand. Definitely worthy of the fan base too.
    BMW make a bike that I really appreciate. It has engineering features that make a real difference while riding.
    (See my next post for a bit of complexity I could do without)
    Still have a love of Hondas though; cut my teeth on Hondas.
  15. Hi Batchy. I like your bike but i am biased as i have an RT as well. I couldnt imagine riding anything else other than a later model. Definitely the bike for the more mature rider such as myself.
  16. I agree with everything you said except the 'not worth it' bit. There is no way i would be paying the $30k+ for a newie but as a 2nd hand $10k option you get a lot of bike for the money. And not being as agile as in previous decades it is wonderful to have a light, nimble, comfy bike which is in itself is a safety feature. All the gadgets actually do stuff and the cruise control is something that is hard to live without once you get the hang of it (40kms in school zones). Classy, comfy and rediculouly reiable not to mention fuel efficent.
  17. After a couple of RTs I 'discovered' the K16.

    Which is even betterer :singing:
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  18. K16 was a K class submarine built by William Beardmore and Company, Dalmuir. She was laid down in June 1916 and commissioned on 13 April 1918 ?????????????????
  19. or ...... The BMW K1600GTL and K1600GT are motorcycles announced by BMW Motorrad in July 2010 ;)
  20. So you show as owning a VStrom still: didn't you get the RT?