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BMW R1200R V Suzuki GSX1400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by boxman, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I am interested in the thoughts and opinions of the members here on these two bikes.

    I hope to learn as much as I can in this thread about these two bikes, so it's keyboards @ 40 paces!
  2. Firstly, research the maintainace / servicing costs of both and it'll be a 'no-brainer'.
  3. two COMPLETELY different bikes in costs and maintenance - atleast twice as much on all fronts for the BMW

    Two very different bikes in terms of performance and handling - Traditional versus modern BMW style suspension and about 60HP more from the BMW

    Two very different looking bikes

    Two very different insurance premiums

    Just ride both, weigh up the performance, confort and costs
  4. Erm...not necessarily.

    Purchase cost maybe, but parts and servicing, if you stay away from official BMW dealers and go to the independent specialists, will be on a par with, or rather less than for Japanese tackle, particularly if you twirl the spanners yourself. Keep the oil in the final drive fresh and you won't be paying for chains either.

    The BM will win hands down on resale value too.

    Suspensionwise, BMW's telelever front/paralever rear beats hollow any teles+twin shock chassis I've ever ridden for both ride comfort and handling.

    Engine is nice, gearbox rather less so but can be got used to. Comfort and ergonomics should be excellent once you've acclimatised, which can take a week or three.

    All that said, the GSX1400 offers a hell of a lot of metal for your money and there is something rather viscerally exciting about a big, torquey four in a relatively crude chassis.

    Ultimately, it depends what you'll be using the bike for and whether your looking at keeping it for a lifetime or not.
  5. love the comfort, love the look, gotta love the pure grunt........


  6. Hello boxman

    I ride a R1200R the bike gets a serviced at Southbank Motorcycles every 10,000 km and so far it’s cost me about $175.00 each time.

    I’m very happy with the bike it handles well in the city or the hills and when I put the luggage system on the bike is ready for touring.

    The heated grips are great trust me you will never get another bike without them.

  7. I tossed up over the R1200R and the K1200R.

    Servicing isn't what it used to be.

    My 20,000km service cost me $230. My 30,000 (Major) is $550.

    It's not that astronomical, and it gets done at Southbank as well.

    The luggage system is second to none, ask the folk that were with me in Tassie. The heated grips, the suspension, the lack of chain the list goes on and on.

    Ride them both until you pick a winner. I don't have an opinion on the GSX
  8. How effective is the screen?
  9. You're confusing the K1200R and the R1200R. The R1200R is lineball with the GSX1400 on power but the 14 is by far the better accelerating, and faster, bike.

    Garry from Oz.

    Hey Rogues, are you being stalked again? :p
  10. I got the screen mainly for protection of the instrument cluster, for me the screen works well and after a long days ride I feel pretty fresh.

  11. 13.5k-give or take-for a new GSX14 on the road. Tonnes of grunt :twisted: couldn't killem with an axe.
    Both bikes got years of evolution with proven reliability and durability.
    The Beemers going to have less of them on the road so 2nd hand spares if you bin it be bit scarcer, but for those dollars, only and eejut wouldnt be fully comp insured.
    I would hypothesize the ride maybe smoother and handling better on Beemer. But personally for my money, I ride a bike for a bit of its :twisted: twisted evil power. Dont think Beemer quite does that, especially for $ you forking out.
    But Im biased because GSX14 prob be my next ride. :grin:
  12. i was considering both bikes as well. Really liked the look and feel of the R1200R.

    I ended going for the 1400 for a couple of reasons. price is obvious, just suited me when i sat on it.

    here. Have a read https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=62120

    Servicing costs really didn't come ito it much. I'd rather ride a comfy bike that casts more to service than a cheap one to service that feels horrid. Not that the BMW is.

    Insurance... Full Comp on the 1400 for under $420. BMW was a lot more. more than i could afford if i bought the BMW
  13. I had a test ride of the r1200r a couple of months ago ... quite grunty down low ... handled well too. Very easy to ride, smooth throttle. Hard braking feels very weird though ... virtually no dive at all! I was shocked at how "rough" and "tracter like" the engine was ... the Trumpy is soo much smoother. The CB750 i rode in europe was even smoother. Now this may be sacrilege, but it sorta reminds me of the vibes from the 1098 ducati!! (obviously without the power)

    Nice bike though ... love the idea of a shaft drive and the great luggage options too!

    SirSly (aka azure)