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BMW R1200GSA engine cut out... again!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by derham18b4, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Guys,

    Love to hear from any 2013+ 1200GS/A liquid cooled owner with similar problems.

    After just 400kms the my new bike shuts off whilst riding and coasts to a stop. This put me in a very dangerous situation with flowing traffic but was able to push it off the road. Refuses to run after restarting for more than 20 seconds. Dash lights up with all sorts if warnings but no detail, just Check Engine LCD and yellow triangle light. This literally happened on the 2nd day of ownership. So its get a tow to BMW Southbank. Almost two weeks later I eventually get the bike back!

    BMW tell me its was the fuel pump electronics but it failed in their test ride so they changed the fuel pump after a few days as well. So new fuel pump and electronics but almost two weeks to do so. Hmmm....

    Fast forward a week, odo reading 774kms i.e. (374kms after repair), it happened again!!! This time on the freeway. Very dangerous as it happened at the end section of a merging lane ending on a 4 lane highway (Eastlink). I was trying to coast to the emergency lane, whilst trucks and cars where jostling for position. Right lane not an option as cars were accelerating. Thank goodness the car on the slow lane braked and slowed down for me blocking the cars merging! It could so easily have been nasty.

    So, I'm fuming. Brand new R1200GSA, this should not happen... twice in eight elapsed days of ownership.

    I'm interested if you have had similar issues, so please share. I will be posting on other forums and attached links here if constructive.

    Expecting a call form BMW head office today to see what they are going to do about it. Will keep this thread going until its resolved.

    Interested if any of you have had relevant dealings with BMW HO: Spencer (Customer Service), Craig (Technical), Shane (Motorad dealer rep?). My experience has been one of indifference from HO, the original dealer and the service department.
  2. Get your money back dont risk your life. Thats my opinion anyway.
  3. derham18b4derham18b4 if you're not getting the service you deserve - start posting on BMW's Facebook page and Twitter. You'll soon get a response. Just be careful not to libel them.

    Manufacturers will react to bad publicity on the www much quicker than having to deal with a single disgruntled owner via email or face to face.
  4. Your bike is trying to tell you it wants to be ridden across third world countries, not Melbourne.

    That's the extent of my technical knowledge, when it comes to BMW.

    I wish you a speedy, permanent solution.
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  5. To say i'm surprised would be somewhat of an understatement considering BMW's history. I'd certainly be concerned.
    I thinks goddiegoddie 's comment is very apt - that's a potentially very dangerous situation.

    Now you've posted please let us know how/when your issue gets resolved satisfactorily.

    All the best.
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  6. I'd be pushing them for a new one. That is just too risky.
  7. One of my first motorbikes was a 250cc BMW R27. It was a beautiful, reliable bike and so were following generations of BMW motorcycles. I know of a guy who bought a brand new 900cc in 1990 and rode just about all around the globe. When I saw him in Alice Springs, he had done 25000 km and his only problem had been 2 flat tires.
    Possibly there is too much outsourcing for components now in order to build them at a competitive price; but there are more and more reports of problems with their new bikes.
    My advice would be: don't muck around, make as much noise as you can until you get what you paid for: a new, reliable premium motorcycle.
  8. Same year, same model and never had ( thankfully ) such an issue. Huston you do have problem , or more to the point the dealer does. The only pushing you should be doing is for a new bike or guaranteed repair . Good luck.
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies.

    The bike has been at BMW since midday Friday, so I expect a call from them on Monday to see what they will do. I have told them I want a new replacement and this bike should be treated as a Dead On Arrival. Trying to even get someone that is empowered to make that decision has been a master class in BMW Customer Service's lack of commitment to any customer service or communication. Push back and delay seem to be the tactics here.

    I have been advised to head to the ACCC then a lawyers letter of demand.

    Its getting complicated as I bought the bike from a BMW Dealer in Carrum Downs but BMW Roadside Assist refuses to send the bike back to the dealer ship. Yet my bike broke down on Eastlink near Carrum Downs...

    Dealer has nothing constructive to say except that its BMW's problem. I'd say they can make a few phone calls on my behalf t the very least or lend me a bike in the mean time.

    If this issue happened to me on a new 2015 build bike, it might be a problem with others. Hopefully not but I'd hate to think they gave me a lemon.

    Lets see if this company has a back bone.

    Thanks to Womble for the idea about social media via Facebook and twitter....
  10. The old 'any publicity is good publicity' is not good in this case.

    Hoping you get a decent outcome - and soon,
  11. I would follow Womble's advice and go on BMW's Motorrad facebook site asap to give a factual description of what happened. If they remove your comment; get some of your mates to write there. As long as you stick to facts they can't do anything in return. If that is how they treat you as the owner of a brand new bike one shudders to think what happens further down the track within and after the warranty period. I also find it unacceptable for the dealer to try and wash his hands of your problem. He has got your money in the pocket and has to accept some responsibility.
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  12. Update:

    Got a call from BMW HO today and they have agreed to give me a another new bike. OK result I think. Hopefully they can do this in a timely manner. I will find out more tomorrow afternoon.

    Progress at last.
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  13. That is just about the best outcome you can get. I'd be elated to get that news. Make sure you're getting what you paid for. I'm a stickler for build dates etc on new bikes.

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  14. Great result
  15. That's a great outcome and what should be expected from a manufacturer of that calibre. Here's hoping for many years of trouble free biking for you.
  16. No more than you have the right to expect from a company like BMW.

    Good result.
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  17. Get 'em to pay for your first service too.
  18. Get 'em to make the new bike an XR1000S instead
  19. derham18b4derham18b4 I've a 2015 R1200R and have had no issue, however a member on a BMW forum posted that the kill switch was faulty (replaced twice), causing the bike to cut out randomly. Might be a shared part across their range...

    But, anyway. Good result for you to get a new bike. Great outcome!
  20. Good work derham18b4derham18b4 Now make sure you demand the reliability of a Honda with your new one.
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