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Bmw r1200gs

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Choppers, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I am a newbie here so first let me say hi to everyone. I have been riding motorcycles for a long time now but mainly on the black top, my last bike being a 2008 Kawasaki 1400GTR. I have recently decided to do a bit of offroad and so have purchased and am awaiting delivery of a BMW R1200GS. As I intend to take it offroad I have come to the realisation that at one time or another I will drop it. What I would like are some suggestions about the best crash protection I can get for the bike without spending vasts sums of money. I know an at speed drop will cause damage regardless but am really after some ideas about what I can do to prevent minor damage and some hints about any parts on the bike that may be more suspect than others to damage and so require extra protection. Thanks.

  2. BMW have some options available. Certainly crash bars, but pretty certain also rocker cover covers since when they lie down they rest on their pots.

    You didn't say where you are located. BMW Club Vic has online forum where you could ask but you need to be a member. BMW was giving free year's membership to anyone who bought a bike. Not sure if this still applies though. Probably similar forums in other states not to mentions UK and US.

    It's BMW's biggest selling model so there shou8ld be plenty of info around.
  3. Soft luggge, even if you already have cases. After 80,000k's on an XR and an 800gs i wont take hard cases off road. They're noisy, fall off bend, fkn hurt when they land on your leg, the lids fall off and you end up stickytaping the case to your luggage rack.
    ABS... turn the shit off every time you get off road and dont let it turn itelf back on, i know people who forget and just remove the sensors... not sure if it'll work on your 1200.
    I have SW motec bars, HT luggage rack and barkbusters on my 800, its been down 30+ times and i havn't broken anything badly. A friend bought SW upper and lower bars and GS adv head covers, it wasnt too expensive We both got cheap cage type headlight guards, at night the lexan ones have a shitload of glare and suck when dirty.

    Things that'll make the bike easier on you... while i dont own one i've seen a heap and stolen some idea's. Cricket bat grips over the BMW ones is easier than changing them, it costs like $3 and helps with arm pump and gives better throttle control. Get a winscreen off ebay and cut it down, this made my bike feel lighter when i went trail riding... i took the mirrirs off as well.
    Hidenau K60 or mitas E-09 on the rear forget TKC's for off road, if you want 50/50 go with the K60. TKC's on the front are a good thing though. Tyres are personal but i ripped a rear to shredds in no time and got stuck riding on it for a few days.

    If you dont expect it to be an off road bike you'll have a blast and probably suprise yourself with it, you can ride them pretty quick on fire trails and most places you can get a 4WD if your commited and use the momentum, when you fight them, change lines think twice they'll bite.
    Good luck with it and i hope you keep it long enough to wear it out.
  4. Definitely crash bars, can't remember what sort of bash plate they have/not and make sure there is a metal bar to protect the bars. Panniers go a long way to protect as well...soft or hard will do ;)

    Doesn't hurt to practice in mud/water/puddles....can be a little more forgiving and WAAAAAAAY more fun!

    Welcome to the forums...you should introduce yourself in the welcome forum too ;)
  5. Outa curiosity, what soft bags do you use for panniers? What racks?

    I've been thinking about trading my Tiger 1050 for the 800XC or 800GS or G650GS or whatever so I can indulge my unpaved/offroad habits with a little more ease and I've been trying to find examples of good soft panniers + racks.
  6. I think mine were Motodry soft panniers that had two straps under the seat and one over the top. They were expandable as well, but not very waterproof 8-[
  7. Ah, okay. On pannier racks, or just on the side of the bike's ducktail?

    I guess I'm curious because of the single-sided high-mount muffler on the 800XC and F800GS. It makes panniers awkward.
  8. Mine sat on the rear panel fairings. Jay had one bike we couldn't fit them to cos of the pipe (can't remember which one now). I'd just ask the bike shop if you can see if they fit before you buy them...that's what we did.

    They also had little hooks on the top side so if they were expanded and laden you could okky them higher IYKWIM.