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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kenn0171, May 23, 2007.

  1. Firstly, i did do a search for the R1150RT through the forums and there wasn't too much. Although I did find a nice post about buying them from the government auctions.

    I've been thinking about trying to get my hands on an ex SA police R1150RT when i'm off my restrictions, and was wondering if there are any owners of R1150RT's (or other RT BMW's) out there that can give us any info on what they're like, especially if you're interested in using them as a general bike (i.e. general riding during the week, blast through the twisties on the weekend, and the odd bit of touring now and then).

    What's peaked my interest in them is the fact that (from what i've read) they're great if you want to do any touring, and cos they're BMW they're pretty reliable and the engines should last for quite a while. As well as all this, the ex-police bikes can be picked up relatively cheap (for a BMW)

    I'm still in two minds whether to go after one of these, or go after a more "sporty" sports tourer (like a FZ6, ER6, or SV650).

    No matter what I choose, its gonna be a big step up from my current ride, a good old Suzuki GN250 :grin:

  2. I will watch this with interest, all I have heard to date is anecdotal information.
  3. I have a 2004 R1150R which I have had from new. Its almost identical to the R1150RT but un-faired. The only other significant difference between mine and a police bike is that I chose not to have the ABS option as it was an extra grand, and it adds weight. After 40 years I figured I had learned how to do emergency stops by now anyway. I wouldn't trade it for any other bike for general use, (except a new R1200R).

    Ridden properly it can embarrass litre sports bikes in the twisties due to its torque, and 'planted' turning stability. The Telelever front end means you have no change in steering geometry with suspension compression so you can brake stupidly deep and late, and likewise you can power on well before the apex if need be for the same reason. Of course in a straight line a 600 supersport is quicker, but what fun is squirting it in a straight line anyway? I watched the WA Police on their R1150RTP's up at Barbagallo Raceway a few years back, and they were setting quite remarkable lap times on the short circuit, if it hadn't been for (mainly fairing ), ground clearance issues they would have been even quicker.

    The only thing I don't like about it is the stupid indicator switches, why you need three switches when one will do is beyond me. Maintenance is a doddle with the shaft needing bugger all really. A full BMW dealer service costs about $300 and they give me a 'loaner' while it's in. I get about 350 ks from the 24 liter tank, and oil consumption is zero. I have never had even the slightest problem since new, and the comfort for both rider and passenger is first class.

    If you have any specific questions, don't hestitate to ask.
  4. Hi Inc, thanks for the info. So the BMW is the head and the Ducati the heart? What are like in slow traffic, splitting etc? I spend a fair amount of time between cars :grin:
  5. Some info in this thread ... While I like the idea of ex-police BMW, I am not convinced they are such a good value. Perhaps they were, once - but now every man and his dog seems to know about these auctions, and the prices are not that great. These beemers seem to fetch somewhere between 8 to 10 grand and is that really such a good deal for a bike with very high mileage? Especially once you include all other expenses and the fact you have no recourse if anything goes wrong with a bike you bought at the auction, and you can't even have a really good look at what you're buying - can't take it for a test ride for example, or even start it up (I don't think)
  6. "the BMW is the head and the Ducati the heart?" nice way of putting it, I'll use that in future. I must admit I no longer use the BMW for commuting, not since I won the Piaggio X9, but that is no reflection on the R1150R, its just that NO bike could hold a candle to a 250 scoot for commute/traffic duty. The BMW is much better than average for that kind of stuff though as it has so much low-down grunt being a big-twin. It is undoubtedly more comfortable than most bikes with a wide, well shaped seat, and a comfortable riding position that is neither, a 'wrist-rest' crouch or a 'windsock' cruiser position. I don't know if an ex-police bike would have the standard saddle though. The other thing that makes it good in traffic is that telelever front again, as it doesn't 'nod its head' so much every time you brake. The Beemers really come into their own on long rides though. I genuinely don't know of another bike that is as well suited to long distances on a mixture of tar and dirt roads. What is a high mileage for most bikes is not a big deal for a well maintained BMW parallel twin. There is at least one still running with over a million k's on the original engine, with nothing replaced except a clutch thrust bearing, and the owner wore through the brake pedal before even that needed replacing!
  7. Cheers for all the info guys.

    Watched one of the auctions online today for SA, and both the bikes they had up went for $10k. So whether it's value or not depends on the day of the auction (I've heard of some going for as low as $5k or so in SA).

    At least the info has helped them maintain their position near the top of the list for upgrades.

    Oh, and there is more info about associated costs with buying an ex-cop bike at auction in the thread linked below (they also talk about what needs to be done and the cost associated with converting the bike to two-up)

    Cheers again fellas :)
    Now i just have to keep an eye on the auctions, and the local papers, and see what pops up.
  8. if you're interested there's one on ebay at the moment - for now it stands at 10,500 opening bid, 50-something thousand k's on the clock. Already converted to normal double seat.

    also, remember the auction houses usually get their commision of somewhere between 10 to 15% of the sale and that is not included in sale price. So your 10k bike suddenly becomes anywhere from 11 to 11.5k bike before you even got it out the door...