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BMW R1100S -v- BMW Scarver

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hi guys and gals, just after some opinions on a couple of bikes I'm tossing up between (as above).

    Firstly, my budget is around 8k. I've found a R1100S with high (about 105000) on the clock, but with good service history.

    The second choice is a low km Scarver 650.

    I know these 2 are chalk and cheese, but here's where I have a problem....

    1. (My heart's choice:) The 1100 BUT it has heaps of km's. So are these engines good for it ? My (very limited) understanding is that they're fine for just about ever.

    2. (My head's choice:) The Scarver. BUT is it an orphan ? Again, my understanding is that the Scarver is a bit "odd ball" and don't attract buyers 'when' I eventually want to sell it. And will I be bored on it ?

    I'm a commuter but want something that is fun for the odd Great Ocean Road run etc,.

    (Just to put this into perspective _I had a 650 V-Strom until about 6 months ago and really liked it)

    Any thoughts ??
  2. The engines are good for almost forever.

    The gearboxes often aren't and they are expensive.

    100k is about average life for a bimmer twin box (mine went at 95k).
  3. Scarver is based on a very god engine in the 650, but you're right, maybe hard to sell. I've heard the big BMW's go forever, does the one you're looking at have service records?

    And why did you sell the Strom? Goes closest to a do it all bike :cool:

    [EDIT] Say your budget. You should be able to get a GS650 (non-Scarver model) for that, which should be easier to sell
  4. Chalk and cheese
    My r1100s eventually loosened up at around 70,000 kms and is only now starting to really show what it has, their engines last forever.
    The Engine and gearbox has its fluids changed every 10,000 kms instead of 20,000 for the gearbox because that supposedly helps makes it last much longer.
    There is really no comparison with the scarver.
    As a commuter though the scarver may be a better choice as it is a much lighter bike.
    Having said that I wouldn't swap mine for anything.
  5. which twin box is that?
  6. The R65 box went at 95000.

    Timbo's went at 60k?

    Petes box went at 110k.

    It's often talked about that the weakest link in the bimmer chain isn't the motor it's the gearboxes.

    I wouldn't expect you to have much of a problem though Nick as you don't ride heavily laden at high speeds on rough roads (which due to the shaft layout stresses the rear of the box).

    Mostly you are solo and lightly loaded... you could probably do 200k or more.
  7. There's also the fat bastard factor
    Tim weighed 120 kg's and rode his 5 speed RS like a racer
    I don't know much about the r65 sorry
    And who is Pete?

    You are right tho their gearbox is probably their weakest link but how many gearboxes on motorcycles last over 100,000 kms?

    the r1100s gearbox is a 6 speed which was re engineered from the k12 series bikes so they are not really under the same stress loads as the higher powered K series bikes.
  8. Go the BM.

    The S has a variation on the K box.

    My old K has 250,000 km up and the box is as new.