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bmw R1100S- oil site glass anomaly...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by twainharte, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. got to ride this:


    thought i'd be suitably impressed BUT i have to say i was dissapointed. from the ergonomics to the those bloody indicator buttons as well as the convulsive sounds from the abs... seems everything conspired for an unenjoyable time on this thing. an acquired taste i must say.

    quick Q: looking at the oil site glass i noticed some white residue, for lack of a better word, lining the inside of the glass. as per below:


    what is it? apologies for the poor pic quality but apparently it had a "recent" oil change but i've never seen anything like this before. it's an '04 model with 60 odd thou' on it.

    if anyone has a link for the workshop manual in pdf, pm me, please.

    thanks in advance.
  2. emmulsified oil is screaming in the back of my head, but that doesnt quiet stick? maybe the seal went, and whoever replaced it got a bit over enthusiastic on applying the sealent?
  3. DEfinitely overuse of the glue that binds it to the body.
    As for acquired taste it seems like you rode a badly tuned bike, the abs should not behave like you described either unless you really jammed the brakes very hard.
    Seems to me like that particular specimen has had a few mechanical issues if the sight glass has been replaced.
  4. Its a Guzzi thing as well,condensation gets into the oil if there not ridden much or not hard enough,its called Mayonnaise.Kinda odd the oil change didn't sort it,it usually builds up in the breather hoses or where the oil and the exhaust gasses get separated in the breather and goes into the airbox.
  5. Nope it's not emulsified oil, it's actual gunk on the sight glass, which by the way does not look right, as the rubber ring on the outside is much thicker. Mine looks nothing like that and it should also have a red dot in the middle not a white one.
    This sight glass has been replaced from the original and the gunk on the inside is the excess glue they used to replace it, looks like a home made job to me.
  6. firstly, thanks for the replies.


    the convulsive spasm and funny whirring sounds that accompany what i'm trying to describe only happen when i use the hand or foot brake. from the slightest touch to a handful/stomp of the brake.

    what might the replacement of the sight glass suggest?

    i'll try to take a better photo of the sight glass.
  7. here are a cple of clearer pics.

    that rubber ring is 5-6mm wide.


  8. That sight glass is cactus,
    My bike has done 85000 kms and the sightglass still looks "fresh"
    Stay away from this bike.
    As for the whirring brakes. what you describe is the power assist motors rather than the abs.
    BMW thought it would be a good idea to add power assist to the brakes much like in a car as it gave greater stopping power with less effort. the only drawback is you need to really grab the brake lever to stop it if the engine is off.
    They realised the error of their ways and have more or less abandoned power assist in their newer range.
    My brakes are stock standard Brembos, no abs or power assist.
    Power assist was an option btw.
    I personally would steer clear of that particular bike as the sight glass being that "burned" indicates the engine has had a hard life.
    I've never seen one that bad, ever.
  9. ah, ok.

    i'm quite happy with my hornet, thanks.
  10. It looks like an eye. Does it blink? I think there may be someone in there staring back at you.