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BMW R1100R wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ARBEE, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. It wont start, i have eliminated the fuel component as the spark plugs
    have no spark, it has whats called a motronic computer and a high tension
    coil pack which picks up spark from the hall effect transistors coming off the engine, any fault finding techniques out there?

  2. Im only new, so all i can say is, have you checked your kill switch?

    Ive heard of the most experienced riders being tripped up by this.
  3. The engine cranks over until the battery is flat
    with the kill switch selected to Off it wont crank at all
    selected to On cranks but no go
    I will disassemble the Kill switch anyway.
  4. Can I put money on the HES? :)

    Have you tried the IBMWR lists? There's a lot of people with a lot of experience there. Try the bmw-tech list first.
  5. it's not the killswitch.
    My money is on the sidestand switch.
    Give it a liberal spray of wd40.
  6. I have it mounted on the centre stand it will crank over
    If i then push the side stand down it wont crank same as the kill switch
    does that then eliminate them from the equation?
  7. Yep.
    Time to look deeper.
    If the spark plugs are not getting spark then look at the high tension leads to see if they spark.
    if they do it's the plugs.
    If not then it could be the coils.
    Your best bet though is to troll the bmw forums and see what is on offer.
    The electrical gremlin on mine was due to a faulty wire leading from the throttle position sensor to the computer.
    Bypassing that wire fixed the problem.
    Just a long shot try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes then reconnect and try cranking it over.
    Motronic has adaptive memory and this resets the computer back to factory defaults, your problem may be a computer glitch that may need a "reboot"
  8. work your way back from the plugs.

    Put a new plug in and check.
    Check your coils
    Check you are getting power to the coil.
    check the ignition module is getting power etc
  9. djkearns
    you got it in one!
    price $775 from Southbank BMW repair bill

    Is this a common problem ??
  10. HES is the hall effect sensor for those who were not sure what it was.
    Quite a costly exercise for a $2 electrical component though.
    Don't talk to me about throttle position sensors and the wiring loom either. :evil:
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    There, thats better isn't it? now drink your milk and have a lie down.....
  12. You're kidding right, $775 for a magnet with some wires attached? :shock:
    Man, a whole BRAND NEW electronic ignition (Hall effect) system for teh Z was $495, and that included two coils!
    I knew I didn't buy a BMW for a reason!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Not uncommon...but the part price sounds pretty common to me. :wink:
  14. You shurrup!
  15. Nah seriously, they were on teh list, but it would have been a carburetted one, in my price range.
    Anything will break down, just nice to see/hear an honest BNW owner!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. $50 for the pickup truck from Sunbury to Southbank
    $100 for the evaluation fault finding
    $100 labour to fit part
    Part H.E.S. Hall Effect Sensor described as relay $454

    Yamahas are a lot cheaper & more reliable too
    The BMW parts prices are dynamite

  17. I asked for an Oil Filter removal tool at BMW, as no other tools will fit
    as the oil filter is really buried internally at the bottom of the engine

    the reaction was why do you want one of those when we can do it for you

    Yeah right!

  18. Yup, did you get a lecture about the impossible complexity of their state of the art machinery? :roll:

    Motobins and MM are your friends - use them. :)
  19. ARBEE take your bike to ringwood BM and not those pirates at
    James and Chris are the ants pants when it comes to BMW specialists and they don't charge the Earth.
    When my TPS was playing up they took the whole bike apart changed sensors. computers etc before they concluded it was a faulty wire which they fixed a bypass from the loom.
    Took them 3 days to fault find and fix and i was charged $500.00 for the amount of labour and repairs.
    Add to that fixing a leaking fork seal and a minor service which cost a further $400 including all parts and labour i think I would have paid double that at Southbank.
    Southbank wanted to charge me $50 to balance the throttle bodies when I changed my exhaust to the Staintunes.
    ringwood did it for nix and it took 5 minutes.
    The boys at ringwood have all the latest equipment and also work on all model beemers including police bikes.