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BMW R100 Value

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cenomorph, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    First post here and I am here in desperation for advice. A friend has been contacted to see if he is interested in selling his old bike. Problem is, he has no idea of its market value and i have looked on the net and nobody is selling them!

    The bike is:
    1983 BMW R100
    with panniers
    rarely ridden
    shedded for the time he has owned it (6 years)
    no drop damage

    Just want to know what it is worth so he doesn't get gipped!:-s

    Thanks in advance peoples.
  2. Difficult to do an evaluation sight unseen.

    If it's a really nice one, I'd probably start in the $4500 region. Check out Just Bikes. There are usually a few older Rs in there.
  3. $4000 to $10000 depending upon condition.
  4. Anyone who pays $10,000 for any two valve R apart from an original 90S has rocks in their head.
  5. You do see people asking up towards 10K but you don't see them being sold a lot at that price. At the high end it would need to be low k's and mint condition and even then it sounds like PatB and I wouldn't be buyers.

    You may also think about contacting your local BMW club. (You didn't show your state but each state has one). They will probably have some enthusiasts who can give and idea and also may let you advertise in their club magazine for free or at a nominal price.
  6. Yep, around the 5 grand if it's a goodie sounds about right.
  7. Thanks for all the responses people!

    Speaking to him and what he might take, he just said that he paid 5.5k to 6 and would be happy to get that back and not loose out. Given what you are all saying, I think that this is a good mark as the bike is in great condition compared to ones I have seen.

    Have a look-see at the attached anyway and i'll keep you posted. BTW, the buyer is my future father in law so have to keep everyone here happy!

    Attached Files:

  8. thats a nice looking R.

    did it come factory with that white sheet? looks aftermarket. dosen't suit the lines
  9. On another note, can anyone explain why the model mark has a red colored 'R'?? does this mean anything special?
  10. Lol, no it's an after-market rarity...
  11. Put it on ebay, let the market decide what it is worth.
  12. Son-of-a-gun, thats a nice bit of machinery right there....

    The red 'R' is most likely splurging the bike descendancy from the original R90, or is otherwise no more than a 1980's styling cue. And yes, around the 5k mark is about what a nicely kept bike like that is worth.

    Cheers - boingk
  13. I could be wrong (it did happen, once), but I think all the R models had a red "R"...

    That's a nice looking bike whatever the price
  14. The "R" was there to distinguish the 2 cylinder BMW's from the others. The "Brick" had just been introduced and its suffix was (and still is,) "K"

    So, "Boxer" BM's are always "R", 4 cylinder BM's are always "K".
  15. Looks pretty clean.

    The disks look rusty and later ones were stainless. I assume those are cast iron. If so they probably will stop quicker.

    I also think a number of the models had a red R on the side covers. Probably passed for style at the BMW factory.
  16. Nice looking jigger.

    Be aware that while they are long lasting machines, they don't take any more kindly to neglect or poor storage than anything else.

    It's very far from new, so if you do end up with it then it's worth doing a full inspection for perished rubber goodies, health of drive splines and bearings etc.
  17. My old K100 has cast iron rotors on the front. They go rusty overnight but the upside is that they offer huge (for an 80s BM) and controllable stopping power and show no signs of wear.
  18. Yep, one of the backward steps that the Japanese manufacturers took when they introduced disk brakes was to go to stainless rotors because they looked better. Looked better, they did, but they didn't work in the rain, whereas the old steel ones worked all the time.
  19. nothing stops like a huge berringer cast iron disk!
  20. Hi again all :)

    Well, $6k. That settled the deal and both parties were happy with that.

    We drove down with the fiancée’s father (for whom I spotted the bike) on the weekend and he took it for a spin and he was totally chuffed.
    "just what I was looking for" were his exact words.

    Turns out that after removing the sheet, on the back was an R100t badge so that's a bit more insight. Another big sell was that it was still registered, till November too. Near new rubber and also a new battery. Closer inspection shows that it is in VERY good condition and I believe it was worth every penny. but then again, I am not that learned, thus why I posted here...