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BMW R nineT

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ngalbrai, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Had a look at this beast at the bike show and I think it looks amazing. My question is, and a google couldn't find a satisfactory answer, what is the boxer engine like? I currently have a street triple and having tried v twins, inline fours, parallel and L twins the triple just blew me away with its feel and sound. Could someone who owns or has ridden a boxer please describe the engine characteristics for me? No intention of swapping the beloved striple but was curious. Once they are available in Auz will see if I can get a test ride and find out for myself.

  2. If you're not on the waiting list you'll have to buy a place from someone who is.
    I don't think these are going to be sitting around the dealers waiting for test rides.
  3. yep, if you want one in March, you'll need to drop some green with the man in the suit.

    It's an air-cooled boxer, the same as in the R 12000R.
    sound great. on par with any v-twin. being air-cooled, it's got a bout 95 hp (trying to remember). 1200 means it's tourquey and being BMW, I suspect it'll be smooth as can be.
  4. The Boxer produces around 81Kw or 110hp and about 120Nm - figures which do not seem very impressive on paper (bear in mind some manufacturers tend to exaggerate their figures to make them look impressive) but trust me when you actually ride the bike, it just accelerates endlessly - almost like it's been possessed, no matter which gear you're in. 0-100 comes in around 3.7 sec which is quite impressive too.
    The engine vibrates a bit when idling but smoothes out as you start moving. I personally love the sound of it - which is an acquired taste I must add - and I think it is refined unlike that of most other twin cylinder engines, and is not obnoxiously loud.
    And I love the way the bike rocks when you give it throttle from low rpms!

    Just for reference, the R Nine T is smaller in size than the R1200R, so you can imagine it will be even more fun to ride.
  5. Green what? snot?
    Seriously the americanisms are shitting me to tears
  6. For those of us that trade currency, the USD is commonly referred to as the 'The Dollar'.

    So using the word 'dollars' instead of 'green', you can still be American. :)

    Edit: I really like the NineT.
  7. The USD is commonly referred to as the "Green Back".

    Anyway, back on the topic, I'll wait for a couple of years for aftermarket parts to become available for the bike and also for BMW to offer tubeless tyres!
  8. OK, I own a Striple, only slightly fiddled with.

    I also own a BMW R850R, 1998 model.

    I have recently taken for a test ride the latest R1200R beemer.

    To me, it's a question of horses for courses.

    If you want an exciting hooligan bike then the Striple wins every time.

    OTOH, if you want a gentleman's conveyance that will smoothly and effortlessly take you, and a passenger, any where from down to the shops to the other side of our big continent, then a BMW boxer starts to make sense.

    Note, this is obviously excluding the S1000RR boy racer special of BMW.

    AFAIK, the RnineT basically runs the same engine, in the same state of tune, as the R1200R, and, for what it is, it is a fine engine, but it isn't exciting.

    It is superbly competent, no fuss and efficient, some might even call it boring.

    Dunno what level of electronics is packaged with the RnineT, but it was the electronics package that has put me off buying a new R1200R, well... that and the price. ;)

    As for the RnineT's styling..... it leaves me cold, but (shrug) we are all different.

    Don't like your chances of getting a test ride, as I believe they will only be brought into Oz in limited numbers, and, frankly, I don't think they will be all that popular....... but I could be wrong.
  9. Yea, that's common knowledge for those folk that watch the news on 'television'. Appreciate the correction.

    I've ridden the R1200R and have mentioned the Boxie characteristics in another post somewhere.

    If you're interested in owning this bike then wait until you have the chance to ride one.
  10. I like the looks of it. Simple, Clean & Elegant.

    Any ideas re: pricing?
  11. Stories vary but ~$23k seems to be the figure thrown around (as far as my conversations have gone anyway).
  12. That's way over my budget. Back to XJR 1300 then. :)