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BMW R 1200 C Classic Opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. HI there my Dad is looking at buying a BMW R 1200 C Classic. Does anyone own one or know about them?


  2. Nooooo!!!

    Don't do it!!!!

    Small children will run screaming... old ladies will faint...

    That bike is _the_ absolutely fugliest design in the world :LOL:
  3. It's true, they are the ugliest bike I think I've seen.

    I have a mate with one, it is comfortable on long rides, but it handles like the manly ferry in a 5m swell. And it is as slow as a month of wet Sundays.
  4. Make sure he watches Manchild first.

    [Terry's just bought himself a shiny new R1100C]

    Justin: You got a BMW now?
    Terry: Yeah. You like it?
    Justin: No.

    Christine: Where are you parked?
    Terry: I'm on the bike. New one.
    Christine: Oh, another new toy.
    Terry: BMW. R-eleven-hundred.
    Christine: BMWs are old codger's bikes.
    Terry: Come off it! Thing'll do a hundred and forty miles an hour!
    Christine: Well, so will a Volvo.

    Terry v/o: You've got to be so careful. Look at the Triumph motorcycle, for example. Marlon Brando rode a Triumph in The Wild One, and he established the archetypal image of a tearaway rebel. Now, all new Triumphs are bought by accountants who live in Surrey, stockbrokers and systems analysts from Serbeton. They're the guys buying Triumphs.

    Terry: So what do you think of BMWs then?
    Biker: Beemers?
    Terry: Yeah.
    Biker: Very suitable for weekend posers or old geezers, or tight-arse Germans.
    Terry: Old geezers?
    Biker: Yeah. Why, you got one?
    Terry: No! God, no!