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BMW Police Bikes at Fowles today

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by OZChris, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Just curious, did anyone see what price the BMW K1150s ex-Police bikes sell at Fowles in Melbourne today?

  2. Didn't see today, but previous months they've gone between $9k and $11K.
  3. Are they anything like the cars and flogged to the max? What sort of kay's did they have?
  4. Thanks triway

    25,000k - 40,000k
  5. Was out there about 6 months ago and they went b/w $7500 and $9000.
  6. And 'over serviced'.

    Seriously, it's a government car so if anything, it's been over serviced.

    And cop cars aren't "flogged to the max" like how "tommy from dandenong floggs his skyline"...

    They've clocked up cruising kays. They get floored from time to time but seriously, is that a big deal? Oh, most importantly, when it comes to maintenance they're given a blank cheque.

    Only thing to watch out for would be accident damage, however I suspect that they'd just ditch the car at an auction as is (damaged) and replace it.

    Government dollars...

    Personally, I'd be very happy to buy ex-police.
  7. Yes Police vehicles are maintained well but I would never buy an ex cop car after working on them. You would think that the bikes are cared for a little better by the individual than the average squad car though.
  8. My mate bought an ex cop car and he was fixing one thing after another, in the end he sold it. I work with an ex cop and they flog the sh@t out of their cars.
  9. The bikes would be used by the TMU, so I was thinking of TMU cars, they get used a bit more in selective gear, pump through the petrol and travel at speed over speed humps. Over servicing sure..... but does that pick up all the nuts and bolts that are slowly being shaken loose.

    The only reason I queried was that when I was in the military I saw young blokes flog the work cars for fun when the boss was not around. The TMU have to do it for work as a matter of course. I wouldn't consider an ex-government car, no matter where from, but I had wondered if bikes could hold up a bit better. I would hope that BMW does a good job. :cool: