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N/A | National BMW Out of WSBK

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by dima, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/116667655584189490381/posts/ewcGsy6niWA

    Said :(

  2. Wsbk has been dying in a bad way for years...

  3. Helped no doubt by the meddling Ezpeleta and his co-horts at Dorna....

    What was an excellent championship in WSBK destroyed to ensure that MotoGP stands alone......Spanish 'tards...way to go
  4. Maybe helped, but the biggest factor by far is cost. Motorsport is dying world round, attendances are dropping and the number of viewers simply don't justify the expenditure except in the elite classes and wsbk is not the elite class. Simply look at the number of riders going to moto2 because its cost is far cheaper. I do expect that in time the prototype element of motogp will be either phased out or highly segmented, with a primary homologation class running beside/underneath.
  5. I agree Lilley. But WSBK is (usually) better racing. Although, I have been impressed by MotoGP this year, I've watched every race from flag to flag (well except the bits that ch10 miss because they go to an advert).

    I read somewhere (one of the magazines and more or less confirmed by the commentators the other night) that DORNA's plan is to make WSBK more production based. The high tech electronics will be gone. If it's not available off the shelf it won't be allowed. Think BSB.

    World Superstock 1000 and World Superstock 600 will be gone.

    I have read a rumour, that WSBK and WSS will become 'support' races for the MotoGP. Moto2 and Moto3 races.
    Also, again from what I've read and heard on the TV, CRT is being scrapped next year or maybe the year after.

    As for BMW leaving WSBK. Really? People are surprised by this? At the end of last season the official factory team folded and the Gold Bet team took over as the 'factory' team.
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  6. I thought BSB was alot closer to WSBK in spec..

    When yahama pulled out of SBK they sold their bikes to the Swan team in BSB and Tommy Hill won the championship on it that season. From what I've seen of BSB bikes it appears the "fuel tank" is just a cover for the piles of electronics and the real tank is underneath like WSBK. I'm sure they're lower spec but there's no way they're anywhere close to a real superbike spec.

    They need to bring in a proper superbike spec internationally so you can wildcard on a competitive bike.

    Like when kev curtain did a wild card a PI this year everyone thought he was on his Factory Yamaha FX Superbike bike but aparently they had to special build a bike to enter. Pretty bloody redicoulous.
  7. In 2011 they ran more or less full WSBK spec bikes and what they called the EVO class which was a lower spec bike.

    In 2012 all bikes had to meet the EVO class specs. It is these specs that I've heard they will be running in WSBK next year.
  8. Yeh well Ducati "left" too.

  9. And some would say they haven't come back yet.....
  10. Ahhh I see! I had heard them talk of evo bikes in the past. I haven't got to see much of the 2012/13, since speed channel never seems to play it.

    Thanks for that
  11. Cool.

    It's also on Eurosport, generally in the week immediately after the race.
  12. I'm sorry for Marco Melandri. It is the 3rd manufacturer that pulls the plug out with him

    Yamaha, Kawasaki and now BMW. All with him. Poor bloke.