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BMW Off-Road Training

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Jakkles, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Has anyone done the BMW Off-Road Training course? I've done a fair bit of dirt riding, but mainly of the unsealed back road quality at a sensible pace. I do a lot of solo riding and I'd like to up the ante dirt-wise. I am looking at the BMW course so any feedback is welcome.

    At this stage, the only local vacancies are in the female only course, so I'd have to do it that one (and yes, I am female!) - are there any women who have done this? Opinions?

  2. Hi Jakkles

    I did the course in about 2009. It went over two days and was based at a 4WD facility in Werribee Gorge. Given you have done a fair bit of dirt riding you should be fine, and will learn a lot. I found I was way out of my comfort zone a lot of the time, but didn't ever feel unsafe or that I might refuse to try something. There was always a lot of help available. (I met up with a lady who was also on the course about a year later and she said she was glad to have her helmet on so that nobody could see her crying! I couldn't tell during the course.) The main things I remember are going up and down very steep and long slopes. Going down is pretty easy, but going up isn't when you are standing on the pegs and the bike feels like it's becoming vertical and you need to shut the throttle at the top or go into orbit. Challenging to me, but many seemed to have no problem. Deliberately stalling going up the slope and then turning around to go back was a good skill to learn. Riding through the creek and creek crossing were fun. Learning about how the bike handles with the front and back wheels stopped (momentarily on the front) was also good to learn. I have a G650GS now that I ride off road, but nothing as challenging as on the course. I've also done off road courses with HART and Stay Upright since.

    Riding motorcycles is fun after all! Enjoy!
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  3. Perhaps you should consider the HART one as an intro to off-road riding.

    That course taught me a lot, when I did it last year. I think it cost about $250.00

    It's only an afternoon course, however, by the end of the 4 hours, I felt like I'd been on the bike all day.

    Good value.
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  4. Here at Cycle Torque we've been lucky enough to have done lots of riding courses over the years, including one in Germany with BMW. While some will suit some more than others, off-road riding is about confidence and the knowledge you sometimes need to do things which are a bit counter-intuitive (like staying on the throttle in sandy, loose surfaces, otherwise the front tyre will dig in). A good course will really help you with these things. If you're concerned about your ability coming into the course, don't be: if BMW is marketing it a course for people who've never done one before, I'm sure you will be fine.