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BMW Motorrad Warranty Plus

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takeover, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. BMW Manufacturing warrant covers 2 years of unlimited mileage and roadside assistance for new bike,no extended warrant provided by BMW, Dealer is offering extended warrant for 1 year - $732 and 2 years - $1187. I plan to sell the bike in 1.5 years is it worth spending the extra money?

  2. I don't mean to go all caps, but... WHAT!
    I have the brain of a chicken, please re-phrase the question.
  3. BMW new bike is covered by factory warrant for 2 years of unlimited millage and road side assistance - no more extended warranty is provided by BMW
    The dealership from which I am purchasing the bike is offering extended warrant through a third party company which includes 1-2 or 3 years extended warranty. This extended warranty has to be purchased before I pick up the bike
  4. When you purchase a new BMW bike you have the option to extend the two year warranty by an extra year, which is far better than any third party deal.

    If you don't take the option at purchase time you cannot opt in at a later date, unlike their cars which allow purchase of extended warranty up to the two year limit. If you keep your bike for more than the planned 18 months then it could be a good investment, and if the dealer is keen to make the sale then you should be able to negotiate the extra year anyway (y)
  5. I was told by the dealership BMW have stopped the extended warranty on bikes.now its only 2 years original warranty.
  6. I'd check with another dealer if I were you. I have extended warranty on my current K16, bought in February. But it obviously could have been changed recently.
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  7. BMW does not offer extended warranty anymore
  8. OK: did you read the link direct to BMW Motorrad website that I posted?
  9. yes I did that's an old service link , you can't find the extended warranty on the website anymore

    BMW Motorrad Australia
  10. No extended warranty was offered to me when I purchased my BMW earlier this year. Would definitely have got it if it were available.
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    Following that link, leads to this new page

    Nonetheless, I'll talk to my contacts and confirm one way or the other.

    That would usually have depended on the salesman. Some do, some don't.
  12. It wasn't offered to me in July last year when I bought the K1600 either. I also would have taken it. Helps nervous second owners over the line when it's time to sell.
  13. does it transfer to the second owner?
  14. Yes the extended warranty comes with the bike no matter who the owner is.
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  15. just called the dealer BMW stopped the extended warranty last year
  16. OK, the latest skinny.

    As of the 18th June 2015 all dealers were advised that the extended warranty has been seized. Meantime, the Motorrad website advises that it can be extended by calling the 1800 number.

    So, it wasn't stopped last year; mine was extended in February when I bought my current bike. It is shown online as being extendable by calling the 1800 647 397 mentioned earlier.

    If someone wants to try, let me know how you get on!
  17. Maybe the dealers aren't offering it because BMW aren't paying them to sell it.
  18. The instruction that it's not available came from BMW Australia; it's not the choice of the dealers.
  19. I got mine for free directly from BMW but it was because of the shockingly bad 1st service treatment I received.