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BMW Makes ABS Standard on All Models

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matlennon, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. So it appears BMW have decided for us that ABS is our saviour.

    Interesting that a manufacturer has come out proactively to take such a stance. Given all the money, time and research they have invested in ABS they must seem confident that the negatives are nil. I mean not allowing it to be an option opens them up to serious legal ramifications if an accident was found to be avoidable if ABS were not present.


  2. BMW's R&D department would spend the equivalent of the GDP of a small African Country; I'd guess they know a bit more than internet tin-foil hat opinion....
  3. Maybe because their bikes are so overpriced they can absorb the cost easier.

    Wonder if there are any Euro safety nazi rule changes in the wind that would have forced their hand anyway???
  4. I wonder if all the Euro-Nazi garbage will be rolled back if the Euro-Zone falls apart??
  5. I cannot see this as a problem given that it can be switched off if that is your bent.
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  6. Yep the plan is ABS on all bikes over 125cc
    Why? the EuroZone isn't the EU...
  7. Experience with my S1000RR with Brembo and Race ABS is that it is nothing short of fantastic. BMW have invested a lot in the technology and it shows. If you dont like it, there is an override button on the left switch block to disengage it, I have never needed to turn it off. I've had a go of the F800R with Brembo and standard ABS and it is good also although kicks in a little early on the rear brake (whereas the intrusion level is adjustable (4 levels) on the race S1000RR version).
  8. Quick question on ABS, does it generally switch off when you stop breaking, or add some throttle, or will it bring you to a complete standstill? Probably the former, but if not. No thanks to ABS.
  9. Actually I rode it on the Icicle Ride on the weekend, it was -7 degrees, road was covered in frost icicles (a couple of 20m sheets of black ice were seen but avoided). I rode in sport mode and it performed perfectly!
  10. The ABS stops intruding as soon as it senses that it has re-established grip. For example, you grab a fist full on a wet road, the front starts to skid. The system then provides the rider with a slight pulse feeling in the lever to feedback to the rider that the ABS is kicking in. If I then back off on the lever (but still braking, just not as hard) and the tyre re-grips, the ABS stops. So it only cuts in while the tyre is actually skidding..
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  11. ABS stands for Antilock Braking System.

    It does not automatically make you stop. as you post suggests your thinking :S
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  12. This has been BMW policy for the last couple of years. Harley and Victory are not far behind. EU is bringing down rules and 'safety conscious' folk are asking for it so it's also a marketing ploy.

    Legal issues are unlikely depending on what the user manuals say.

    S1000rr ABS is not like two channel mile muncher ABS. By all reports the flagship ABS is very bloody good. Ride within the design parameters of any ABS system and you should be ok.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  13. Really?

    Who is 100% ready, all the time, to control an emergency brake on all surfaces and all scenarios you ride though?

    ABS assists in preventing crashes by locking up and losing control. In the very few instances it may intefere eg on gravel, you should ride a bit more cautiously.

    Why the sue sue sue attitude? ABS is excellent for almost everybody, almost all the time. It saves many accidents. Is it morally right to sue a manufacturer who has prevented many crashes but a few still happen?

    Compare cars,
    Seat belts were once optional
    Airbags were once optional
    Stability control was once optional

    ABS on bikes just makes sense.
  14. You've missed Matt's tone. And you clearly don't know much about ABS on motorbikes if you think it just makes sense.

    What kind of ABS makes sense mate?
  15. Sarcastic undertones are difficult to convey in online forums.
  16. This is going to sound like a redundant and possibly even wonderously stupid question, but let's put assumption aside and have a genuine think, what is it about bike ABS will make bikes safer?

    How could I even ask... it's a no brainer right? (aka ptb style)

    ABS is synonymous with saving lives! Well is it? No genuine indepth or case controlled crash study has shown any statistically significant life saving benefit from motorcycle ABS. The celebrated statistical studies around the place are critically flawed and confounded, but since they reinforce the confirmation bias of most people (and authorities) about ABS, they fly right under the critical radar. So though ABS will avoid locking up the wheels and give the rider more confidence to brake harder when needed, this hasn't translated into a clear life saving benefit.

    So where has the perception come from? THAT is worth thinking about.

    Most authorities are against additional skills training for riders because it results in risk compensation. They argue that it gives riders more confidence to push the envelope and push their riding skills resulting in no statistically significant measurable safety benefit or reduction in crashes. However, they are right behind ABS, which the key selling point is that it will give a rider braking confidence. And the environment it will give the most confidence is wet pavement or "low grip surfaces which are far more dangerous for bike riders"... will more confidence in these environments lead to fewer injuries or crash scenarios? Seems as though there's a solid disconnect going on here!

    The march towards bike ABS is unrelenting, being pushed by Bosch, manufacturer marketing departments (a safety point of difference in a risk averse world equates to sales) and authorities... but apart from avoiding unnecessary braking error spills in carparks and drops from locked wheels in other scenarios, it remains to be seen whether it will translate into a significant reduction in injuries across the riding demographic.

    Bike manuals spell out that the standard ABS systems are for bike vertical braking scenarios and in some manuals, even state that in the dry, ABS might lead to longer braking distances and that ABS is no replacement for good braking skills (that addresses the legal concerns Matt raised). So braking in a corner and a late obstacle avoidance braking manoeuvres are possibly higher risk scenarios with ABS. Another thing worth thinking about.

    Understand your ABS and it's limits and stay within them and you'll live happily with it. It's not a magic bullet.
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  17. Absolutely. Although gravel can be an issue, eh? ;)

    The sophistication and stopping power of the BMW ABS is stunning, and with the linked braking (proportional back brake application with front brake lever) it is one of the most confidence inspiring features of all Bimmers I've owned.

    And being a wuss out the front of everyone on Saturday night, I was in Rain mode which enhances the ABS, degrades throttle response, re maps the engine power band, and makes me feel a lot safer than Sports mode: Sammy!!
  18. :applause:

    While you can turn it on/off (and with faults it defaults to off) it is just another tool in the tool box and hence a good thing but legislating it will have implications that standard fitment won't. That is what you will find intelligent opposition to not any one company using it as a marketing tool.
  19. I wonder If the people who yell the loudest ,have any clue or ever ridden a ABS bike

    The big thing is not the ABS ,its the power assistance ,the 300kg beast can stop as good as my little TRX

    And shit you would not want to pull that lever like normal bike on a corner.If your ABS actually cuts in, You f$#@ed up not the computer
  20. IIRC, there are no Bimmers currently optioned with power assisted brakes. Last was the R1200RT about 2006 model.