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BMW losing Police contracts worldwide

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaqhama, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. BMW seems to be losing Police contracts worldwide.

    There seem to be a few factors involved but surely the high cost of a brand new BMW must be among the reasons.
    Not to mention the high cost of repairs and services.

    I've had the thought for a while now that BMW is going to be losing private sales here in Oz because their bikes are getting too expensive.
    For a bloke with a mortgage, kids, a family car, a work car, who only uses his (or her) bike as a weekend fun machine, it's hard to justify the asking price of a brand new BMW.

    The website below has the Police info...and if you don't see me around for the rest of the week it's because I've popped over to France to apply for a job with their Interception Unit. :LOL:


  2. yea, that's exactly why there is still a 3 months waiting list for GSs and they are selling in hundreds.
  3. Given how often they stack them, I'm not surprised they are looking for different options. Plenty of quality bikes out there these days.
  4. 'Long way round' is the reason there are huge orders for GS'. I personally think its too top heavy. Anyway, I have no idea why the cops ride BMW's. There are better bikes out there for less money. I would personally like to see some unmarked sports bikes like they have in the UK:


    In Strathclyde, unmarked sports bikes have been used in patrols to target sports bike riders. Again, the aim behind using these bikes has been to allow the police to talk to sports bike riders and show them that the police have something to offer them, in addition to using them for enforcement purposes.
  5. They do in NSW. Unmarked R1.
  6. so you are quoting from a weblog?
    I couldn't find reference that bmw are losing police contracts.
    All it said was that france is using kwaks as police bikes.
    Can you show me the reference to your assertions?
  7. They need faster machines to catch the zx, gixxer, and r1 alikes you know ... :grin:
  8. The french useing kwakas :shock: and i thought they were stupido :LOL: I guess i was wrong
  9. Yep, it's all due to Long Way Around.

    The fact the GS has been selling well since 1980 and the 1200GS was named bike of the year by a few different magazines, (http://www.bmwmotorcycles.com/etc/utils.jsp?t=accolades) probably isn't another factor either

  10. Sure, that's the only reason why they are selling. Just because a couple of blokes went for a trip on them. Has nothing to do with the quality of the bike. That there are better bikes for less money is a matter of opinion. I don't think bmw are in any trouble with their sales.
  11. http://www.police1.com/police-products/vehicles/motorcycles/

    This would seem to be saying the opposite, at least as far as the USA is concerned.

    As far as Europe is concerned, with the politics there so hopelessly muddled and incestuous, who's to know what deals are being made, and for what reasons???
  12. On rereading, my comment did sound strange. Let me rephrase. The Long Way Round has played a large part in the recent boom in GS sales. I personally dont like dual sports. [back on topic] I also don't know why BMW's are the standard cop bike as they are so bloody expensive.
  13. All I know is that you can pick up a 5 year old ex-police R1100 with panniers, roll cages, heated grips, etc, for $6 K.

    My dad wants one, but he doesn't have time off to attend the auction...
  14. 6K? Are you serious? Where can you get those? Ride one of those in black leathers and you will part traffic like Moses parting the red sea!
  15. Why, for God's sake? :shock:

    I'd rather see them keep their nice big white bikes with fluoro stripes and shiny blue lights! :LOL:
  16. But can you imagine some psycho arse trying to knock over a lane splitting bike and that bike turns out to be an unmarked cop? The book would be thrown at them, as well as a couple of punches. If there were more cases of that happening, then motorists would be more conscious of their actions, and perhaps even be held more accountable for them.
  17. Heard a rumour that VICPOL re-instated retired/ex motorcycle coppers and purchased extra Beemers to support the Commonwealth games security force, and they will be looking to auction these off in the near future, (all with low K's) could be a furfy though.... :?
  18. Really Smee...in the body of the article (in red) is the word LINK...click on that and you will be taken to the page with the reports from around the world. :cool:
  19. Nope, that link takes you to another page on the blog, where the quoted source, for _only_ the Netherlands goes to a Netherland magazine where the article is in Dutch.

    And if you notice, the category the blog article is in is "uninformed".

    Not saying that it couldn't be happening, just there is no confirmed report of it.
  20. As to why the Police forces here returned to the BMW from using the ST 1100 Honda for a couple of years...Honda would not guarantee the safety and handling of the St 1100 at high pursuit speeds.
    Strange but true.
    BMW guaranteed the safety and handling of their bikes at any speed in the hands of a trained operator.
    This from a member of the local Highway Patrol unit.

    My thoughts on cops riding unmarked bikes...Why would any rider think this is a good idea?
    Yes they do have unmarked cop bikes in the UK, and the UK riders fking detest them.
    Go to a UK biker forum and ask them if you don't believe me. Plenty of them.

    GS Adventure bikes. I love dual purpose, they're the most practical bikes on the roads (and off) but the new GS is just too big and too heavy, and that's before you put luggage on it.
    The old GS PD 1000 Beemers were excellent, they went just about anywhere. It's why you can never find any for sale in good conditin with low kilometers, blokes just won't sell them, they know they have a great bike and don't want to get rid of it.
    I've ridden the old GS Boxer off road and the new one. I find the new one just too big and unwieldy.
    Places Ewan and Charley struggled in, a rider on an XT 600 or the KLE 500 would have breezed thru.
    In fact one guy on a Brit forum suggested that as he had already done almost the same route across Eastern Europe as Ewan and Charley, on a Suzuki GS 500 road bike, he was wondering what all the fuss was about.
    People are riding all sorts of bikes, all over the world, by themselves, even as I write this.
    Dozens of popular websites on the Net to see the pics and read the stories.