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BMW K1300R; Quite violent

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by mowster, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. First impressions
    ...only done ~ 400kms so far...

    A little weighty, but slung low, and ok for a skinny guy to throw around..

    Long wheelbase means lean-angle a little higher than jap sportsbikes for the same corner speed (or is it the other way around?)

    Fabled telelever front-end provides little feedback, except to say; I'm planted!

    The all-acessories "SE" model is a no-brainer; all the technology seems to enhance the ride in the way you would hope/expect.

    Torque is phenomenal; I'm not missing v-twins at the moment!

    Handling; hard to say- either great or fantastic. The "sport" mode on the suspension control is pretty firm for average aussie roads. A track day next weekend should give a better idea (y)

    Accelleration is wild. That is all.

    oh, my poor license......it's been unmolested for so long, and now it's gonna take all my legendary restraint to keep just a few points...:eek:hno:


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  2. You're asking for it.

    Nice bike - something a bit different!
  3. Great bikes. You'll love it ;)
  4. A mate of mine just bought the 800. Nice bike - and so comfy!
  5. Longer ride today; 40+deg C, lotsa open road...

    The motor seems to have freed-up a bit, after a sound thrashing on some isolated sections of road :angel:

    The bike encourages hooligan behaviour. Overtaking everyone, for example. The local cruiser-bike fraternity probably have me marked down.

    Minor wobbles can be induced when riding "hot" in the suspension's Comfort mode. Upgrade to Normal or Sport mode fixed this.

    The traction control may have been activated when exiting a sweeper; there was a slight rough-running sound accompanied by a v.slight loss in power when hard on the gas. Barely noticable.

    Should this be in "Bike Reviews"?
  6. It's not really a review though.

    Feel free to write one up using bits and pieces from here.
  7. You got my dream bike there in my dream color. Love it!
  8. OK, so we did a track day at darwin's hidden valley today.....

    ; still havn't got used to the quickshifter - you just have to hold the throttle flat and trust it...

    track handling with "sport" suspension mode selected is great; there was no doubt about the bikes ability to cope with my cack-handedness.....

    tracton controlled activated once, at least; hard on the gas while leaning over (possibly on the edge paint) caused a brief (total?) loss of power, accompanied a "bop" noise.....no change in direction though....

    with the linked brakes, applying lever and pedal is obviously redundant; the back brake pedal just pushes back up at your foot, saying "i'm already on"...

    Of course, there was some 1098's, R1's and gixxers out there today.....i have some unfinished business with them (but only a little bit...)
  9. ... on a naked. Gotta love Bimmers.
  10. (bumping my own thread; such bad form 8-[)

    "Two Wheels" magazine Bike Of The Year......ha ha ha

    'Busa and zx-14 riders; you're living in the past :nopity:
  11. If you dont mind me asking (since you're braging) howmuchisit?
  12. ^^^

    Therein lies the rub.
    All options+ORC will be over 30K.

    Just a few extra bits, like panniers and a tankbag, and we're getting close to 32K......

    My ex-demonstrator was reduced 4.5K, but with only 800km's on the clock; I thought that was a good deal.
  13. I dislike the "standard" indicator block and the plainess of the speedo.
    Otherwise It's as hot as the K1200R :D
  14. ^^^

    At the higher speeds of the 1300R, a plain, non-distracting instrument cluster is a design parameter of the highest importance :cheeky:

    God knows, I did not need ANY distraction when avoiding kangaroo's today :eek:hno::squid:

    The bike is going on a truck tomorrow, to the east coast, for january victoria/tassie trip...

    see ya then :moped:
  15. I admired one of these at a mechanic. Sure looks masculine.
    What struck me was its length, its about 20cm longer than my bike. Looks like its going to be real stable at speed.
  16. I saw one of these on the BMW booth at the Sydney motorbike show at the weekend and became entranced. Never fancied them until I saw and sat on a real one and had the demo of the suspension wizardry, now I can't get it out of my mind!!

    That's until I saw the price :). Still, for all that wizardry and Germanness it's a bargain :).