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News BMW Introduces Dynamic Brake Lights for Selected 2016 Models

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. BMW Motorrad is one of the pioneers of new technology in relation to motorcycle safety, having been one of the forerunners in the use of motorcycle ABS. Today, the company has announced the availability of a new system for six of their 2016 models (the ones that have the ‘ABS Pro’ system) which warns following traffic in two stages when the motorcycle in front brakes hard or makes an emergency braking maneuver.

    Currently, the option is limited to the European Union where it has been approved for road use. Stage one is activated when the motorcycle decelerates from speeds above 50 km/h. In this case the brake light flashes with a frequency of 5 Hz. As the motorcycle approaches standstill (< 14 km/h), the hazard warning flashers are also turned on in the second stage. These remain turned on until the motorcycle accelerates again to a minimum speed of 20 km/h.

    The dynamic brake light is available as an option ex works in conjunction with ABS Pro (in conjunction with the option “Ride Modes Pro”) from model year 2016 for the models R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure and S 1000 XR. The K 1600 GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive luxury tourers will feature this safety feature as standard from model year 2016 – as the ideal supplement to ABS Pro.

    Given the progressive nature of EU legislation when it comes to road safety, it may be a while before we see such an option elsewhere.


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  2. Looks like we'll all be riding Christmas trees in a few years.......D'oh
  3. That's going to look fantastic as you filter through traffic on the night time (dark) commute and definitely won't annoy other road users as I go flashing through.
    Also how am I supposed to indicate my intention to change lanes as I come to the end of a bit of filtering, with my hazard lights still going?

    Is it too early for a gin?
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  4. I wonder if that means the brake light modulator I've just installed may eventually become legal... :)
  5. Most modules incorporate a delay EG 20 secs. So if you're filtering and constantly on and off the brakes, it won't keep flashing.
    Plus the BMW version looks like it's integrated into the ABS and will only engage under hard (EG emergency) braking.
    I think it's a very simple yet effective idea and can't wait to see it on bikes.

  6. This is very similar to the dynamic brake lights on most BMW cars: my X3 has it. Activation requires very hard braking, almost hitting the ABS, and the hazards don't come on until the car is almost stationary. The concept of the brake light coming on when the throttle is rolled off is a good one since many of us don't use the brakes very much, relying upon engine braking to slow the bike. Which, of course, gives no warning to the vehicle behind in normal circumstances!