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BMW in MotoGP?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nearlyempty, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. A delegation of BMW engineers were on a secret mission in the Mugello paddock to look and learn as the German manufacturer continues to seriously consider entering MotoGP.

    The project is supposedly a three-cylinder and a prototype has been ridden at a BMW test track in France.
    Work is now in its third year, although BMW are still umming and ahhing over whether to give the green light to go ahead.

    Not really very surprising really (bet they've been toying with this for years).
    What is interesting thought, is that BMW are desperately trying to change their image & attract more younger riders (just look at all the new bikes they're bringing out at the moment).
    GP's would certainly do that.
  2. What is actually interesting is this:
    BMW Are successful because the are intelligent
    BMW are aware and were aware of the 800cc MotoGP limit (talked about last year)
    They have a 3 cylinder bike
    Hmmm, i wonder why they are waiting so long?
  3. 2007, here we come...

    They certainly have the resources to challenge Honda.
  4. Hmmm, you don't see many MotoGP bikes with panniers & topbox...

    But they could always get Alex Hofmann to ride it.

    Engineer: "So, Alex - how's the bike handling?"

    Alex: "Nicht gut. Ze CD player keeps skipping when I clip ze kerbing..."
  5. I agree Skuffmiester. I reckon they will wait until the 800 cc limit is introduced. BMW make fantastic motors, and a three cycliner maybe the best compromise soon.

    Anyone tipping pnuematic valves and variable length intakes direct from Formula 1?
  6. ...and that's EXACTLY why they need to be in MotoGP!!!

  7. Or: "Rossi keeps hitting ze "shuffle" button on ze CD player ven I am listening to Ramstein, ze bastard!"
  8. Woooohooooo, listening to CD whilst racing a 250HP GP bike... YEAH BABY :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Now all they will need is a rider with a beard and tweed racing suits!
  10. OI
    I don't wear TWEED!
  11. I think it'd be great to see BMW in MotoGP. If only to see if they put a Paralever/Telelever/whatever-they-call-it front end on their bike.
  12. I'd also be keen to see a racing tripple.
  13. Currently testing the waters with their new K1200S (I think that's it's designation) which I believe has a helluva lot of rear wheel HP. This of course has been souped up and turned into the power cup racers, lots of carbon fibre and one of the most powerful sports bikes around. Wouldn't surprise me if we suddenly saw capacity drop to be the R1000 and a WSBK emerge.
  14. I remember an interview with Stirling Moss years ago. He was asked what racing he'd most enjoyed over the years and his answer was Saloon Car racing in the early 60's when he was competing for Jaguar in a 3.8 sedan.

    He said that he really enjoyed listening to music on the radio in the car while he was racing... 8)

  15. I think you will find that, if they do, it won't be based on any existing engine. The idea of MotoGp is that it IS a prototype class and, if the capacity limit is dropped and the power output is to stay the same, it will require an engine that has very different design paramters than any road bike engine.

    That said, other posts have already referred to the fact that BMW has plenty of opportunity to cross-pollinate from their F1 experience.
  16. The K1200R is the new power cup bike - it replaces the Boxer Cup.

    The R1200ST is akin to the R1150RS - more a sports tourer.
    The R1200RT is the touring model.

    It's a Hossack front end on the K1200S & K1200R although the new HP2 R1200GS has conventional "upside down" forks.

    It's interesting, I've been going through a pile of old bike magazines recently. The same comments always come out when BMW make a major upgrade to their range. They don't do it often, but when they do it's always a jump right to the top end of the performance line. Over a few years everybody catches up and they revert to being seen as conservative.

    The R90S was regarded as being a very high performance bike and one of the fastest on the market. The K100 was a 240kph bike 25 years or so ago and the magazines raved about the performance. The R1100S, the new type boxer ("oil-head" in BMW rider jargon - as opposed to "air-head" the older boxers) got similar treatment as well on its release.

    Now we'll see the same thing with the new Ks and Rs. The K1200S poted the fastest time around the Nuburgring circuit on its release and easily outstripped the previous time held by a Hayabusa so the performance and handling is certialy available.

    There's been a lot of speculation about a K900 triple in BMW quarters. It would make for a very interesting pure sports bike. Weight would be really light - the K1200S is only around 200 kilos all up (Bavarian kilos - not japanese :wink: ones that leave out anything liquid - like oil, brake fluid & fuel)

    BMW have also said that they don't believe they are getting value for money from F1 and may look at alternatives to the 4 wheelers. After all they have a very long history pre WWII of being very serious about motorcycle racing. They have long memories and are very proud of the racing heritage so it's entirely possible that they could get into it again.


    Could be very interesting.
  17. Although F1 experience doesn't always translate well to bike racing.

    Exhibit A: Aprilia Cube
  18. ??????????

    The boxer cup is r1100s
    they are not super horsepower
    Where did you get your info from???????????????
    The k1200s is another kettle of fish.

  19. You could borrow mine, but I don't think they'd fit (except the cap, and you can't have that!)
  20. Since Honda are the only company that have committed seriously in the long term to both Bike and Car racing since WWII I'm not quite sure how you figure that...