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BMW HP2 Sport - First Ride Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Dec 20, 2007.

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  2. Are there many jobs better than being a motorcycle journalist? Flown to Spain to thrash the lastest weapon...tough gig.

    The bike sounds impressive, but it would want to be for the price. It's probably irrational, but there is something about a boxer that just doesn't appeal to me. The heads just centimetres from your shins.

    Also, if you bin it, the engine is essentially your crash posts.
  3. True, but, in practice, they seem to survive quite well. Most can be salvaged with a new rocker cover (and maybe a bit of a clean out if too much sh*t got in :grin: ).

    Even if you take the whole head off, the cost is likely to be comparable to new fairing panels for eg. a sports or touring four. Well, maybe not for the 8-valvers :grin: .

    That said, I have also known of Boxers that have had persistent problems with one particular pot and I suspect that this might have been as a result of a severe drop at some point in the bike's history.

    But you've only got to look here

    http://www.motorcycledisposals.com.au/Bikes/Bikes Currently Tendering/Currently Tendering.htm

    to see that serious engine damage in a crash is not the sole province of sticky out engine designs (although they haven't got any really impressive examples in at the mo).

    Aftermarket crash bars are the go. The daft little plastic offerings that BMW put on my RT as standard didn't do much when the PO dropped it.

    Me, I try not to crash more than I have to :grin: .

    And yes, the HP2 is a bl*#dy expensive bike :shock: .
  5. Nice bike. I like bmw's and all and its a nice piece of exotica, but for that much coin its going up against the 1098. I also agree that a lightened hi-po version of the k1200s would be a better base.
  6. Cool. I saw a bmw sportbike at the bmw shop up the top of old pac earlier this year - it was the coolest looking bike I'd seen in person..

    That is until I spied some of the new augustas :) My local bike mech is an aprilia sponsored mech so it attracts alot of aprilia/ducs/augusta :)