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BMW GS650 or DRZ400?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spinking22, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
    First up yes I have searched/researched and looked around, and I know similar questions have been asked.

    R:e licence(lams) will upgrade if needed.

    I live in Geraldton 400ks from Perth in vast wa. I can only have one bike and only my wife will have a car. (A tarago people mover)
    My commute is only 10mins to work daily.

    I want something I can ride to Perth if for some reason I ever have to (would be pretty rare) how would a 400 go doing long distance?
    I will definatly be going off-road but not to do jumps or hardcore stuff, more just to explore the bush maybe even more remote places, mud? Maybe cut up a little bit.

    My only real dirt experience has been my 250cc quad so I'm not hugely confident off-road and the bigger bikes are a bit intimidating I weigh 70 kilos have done for years however if a 650 is best I will get used to it as I plan to keep this bike a long time.

    I live in a coastal desert according to the TV show "house rules" so even beach sand may be in the mix. How does a 650 go off-road?

    I have other things to do than change the oil after every ride however I will definatly keep up with services. Just don't want a bike that lives in the shed waiting for me to sling a spanner before I can ride it.

    The bikes I'm considering are:

    Bmw gs650

    Yamaha tenere 660

    Suzuki dr650

    Suzuki drz400.

    Are there any other bikes that compare to the dr? / drz?

    Im in a pickle.

    As for budget I'm not looking for a bling machine I'm just looking for something that ticks the boxes.

    I really appreciate any and all relevant input
    So thanks in advance!
  2. There all fine bikes.

    As for the 400km ride, another thing to look into would be the tank range/efficiency, that is what a 4hr30min trip one way..

    Do you want a bike that can do it in one go and then some, or you could fill it up more often and stretch them legs/smokeo.
  3. The DRZ400 is a hooligan machine.
  4. Happy to take extra fuel or upgrade to larger fuel tank.

    If hooligan machine means it's more capable of "getting me there" that's gotta be a good thing right
  5. Would a 400cc or similar capacity bike make it 400ks and then some if I added a larger fuel tank and should I be looking at changing out the sprocket to lower the revs on long rides on such a bike.
  6. DRZ would need a bigger tank iirc
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  7. I'd go with the bmw GS650 if I were in your position - and then upgrade to a triumph tiger off lams.

    But if I personally had to choose, I'd go with the DRZ because I reckon it would be a lot of fun
  8. As far as dirt performance goes it would probably be.

    DRZ > Tenere > DR650 > GS

    I have taken my DRZ on a 800km trip and a few 600km trips and yeah it will cope but it's by no means the best bike for that job.

    As a newbie the DRZ will exceed your skill level off-road basically point it at something and it will do it.

    A stock DRZ does about 200kms on its 10 litre tank.

    I think you really need to look at what's most important to you the ability to tackle trails and get home or the ability to ride to work and do long rides in comfort.

    You haven't mentioned the KLR650. They are dirt cheap big road friendly bikes and go pretty well off road. A bit heavy for my liking but they come stock with a 16l tank and you probably be able to buy one and use it for your purposes straight away.
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  9. get the drz, dont focus on the 400k trip, focus on the 10 minutes of pure heaven than you get from riding enduro bikes on road

    added benefit, there is twice as much parking for dirtbikes than roadbikes
    other added benefit, you dont need a kickstand
    other added benefit, as long as you can turn your fuel off you can drop your bike anywhere and walk off and it will be fine
    other added benefit, the after market parts availability for the drz400 is pretty much unrivaled by any other bike
  10. or an XT250 if you are cheap, short and light (or even only 2 of those three).

    Thumpertalk has plenty on this topic.
  11. or a klx250, or a klx250s, or a klx300, or an xr250, or and xr400, or a drz250, or a crf450x
    OR if you are game go find a road registerable 2stroke 250/300/400/500 etc...

    if you are doing 10 minute rides you could even get a high strung enduro, you arent going to be doing many Ks so you dont need to worry about the service intervals
  12. Lots of good advice above. One caveat I would add no matter what you choose is the ten minute commute is very hard on the battery. You get the heavy drain of a crank start and then not a lot of time at cruise revs to top it up again. I would invest in a maintenance charger to combat early battery death.
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  13. or spend an extra 20 minutes having fun?
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  14. Why stop at 20...
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  15. good point
  16. The DRZ400 really needs a sprocket change and a larger tank for long highway trips but that's easy enough to do and it's a great all round off road bike.

    That'd be my recommendation given that your highway use is only going to be very occasional.
  17. even with the most dodgy jetting, i managed to make it up to jindabyne from melbourne and ride around a bit on the drz 250, and that was 7 hours or so i think.
    unless you are used to cruising on your hayabusa it probably wont be a problem
  18. Thanks guys. There is so many options out there it's hard to narrow it down to 1. I'm leaning toward the drz 400. Sounds like a good dirt/all rounder
  19. Little dual sports can do more than people think.

    I did Albury to Melbourne and back on the freeway on my old DRZ250.
    My bum wasn't very happy, but the little thing buzzed along pretty well.
  20. if you need one final reason to pick the drz
    when you drop your bike, as long as you have hand guards, all you will damage is your pride.