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BMW gs1200 with plate ALAAF

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by trd2000, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. You are a twat!

    1. Check your mirrors and head check before changing lanes.. Especially if you're doing 10 under the speed limit and trying to get in the fast lane. There was a car there and you cut it off, I don't even think you indicated, you just suddenly came across.

    2. Don't sit in the right hand lane doing 10 under the speed limit when there's a perfectly good lane on your left that's not being used. This just makes point 1 worse cause I noticed when I got close to you that you checked your mirrors a few times, so you obviously know where the fcuk they are. I thought when I had to change into the slower lane to go past you that perhaps you'd have taken the hint and moved the fcuk over, but watching you in my mirror I saw at least two of the cars which had built up behind me also had to pass you on the left.

    I saw you again at Lorne, then Apollo bay, then caught up to you holding up a line of cars in between cape to way and lavers hill.... Every time I had to refrain from hurling abuse or heavy objects at you.... At least your plate makes you a memorable wanker and I'll be sure to show you the same sort of respect, if I see you again, as you show to other road users around you.
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  2. He was just having A LAAF.
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  3. Sounds like fairly standard Victorian driving etiquette. Honestly, all of the most retarded driving I've seen has been done in vehicles with VIC plates, and they can't all be driven by foreign tourists!
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  4. too much nannying doesn't do much for people attentiveness....

    I know what you mean, but i have to say Vic is probably my favourite place in aus to commute in a car... generally if you indicate people will let you merge and are pretty considerate even if they can't drive for shit...

    it's my LEAST favourite place to drive for fun though...
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  5. Is this Victoria in Canada?
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  6. Or Lake Victoria, Africa?
  7. No, the Victorian era, "a world gone mad on manners".
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  8. I don't think there is one state worse than any other
    It's city drivers who venture out into rural areas with their city driving mentality.
  9. And the rural drivers who drive into cities (like Ballarat) with a small country town driving mentality ;)
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  10. Bahaha. I have personally seen country people lose their shit when having to drive in urban areas. I know one guy from country QLD who found driving on the Sunshine Coast too terrifying to contemplate. (I'd love to have seen him in Sydney!)

    City drivers > country dumbasses.
  11. I've seen this guy around Yarraville, the plate used to be attached to some sort of maxi scooter (same guy), & yes, not someone I want to be near in traffic.
  12. Pretty sure I saw the same plate on a scooter, like MV. I was zooming along in the right hand lane at the speed limit on the West Gate, this clown just decided to jump into my lane when doing 20kph below and nearly collected me. Never even checked his mirrors. I had to swerve into the emergency lane and the car behind me hauled anchors. Makes you wonder how he still lives ... I also do wonder where he/she got their license ...
  13. I came across him just after the west gate heading out of town.. sounds like its a regular haunt for a regular muppet.
  14. This blokes developing quite a reputation. It's a shame he doesn't know. And he's a disgrace to decent BMW riders!
  15. Sounds like a disgrace to all riders.