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bmw GS stunts! just because you can do it doesnt mean that you should..

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by JimmyD, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. check this out, pretty solid effort on a GS

    Chris "Teach" McNeil on the BMW F800 GS

    i wouldnt want it after those big overjumps, those rims would be so untrue after that.
  2. Can't land a jump to save himself.

    Nah, that was nuckin futs, I really like the part where he highsided. Looked like he was gunna save it then, bam!
  3. Looks like I've got some practicing to do with my Tiger!
  4. What I like is how they included the spills in the video, what you'd have to go through to get to that level, rather than only the perfect bits.

    Awsome riding, and the style of bike I'm getting after restrictions because of more options where you can ride.
    Great to watch but no desire to ride like that though..
    But a V strom as it's quite a bit lower in price.....
  5. Nice one, Crashy MC Crash-Crash, from Crashville.
  6. Stuff the bike, that camera that took a tumble was robust as hell, it recorded the whole thing...
  7. thats a go pro for you..
  8. Coulda held that slide.
  9. Some great riding, the crash almost seemed set up to me, just so he could ride away at the end showing how tough the bike is
  10. :shock: oh coooooooool :grin: