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Featured BMW GS 650

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by cruisin4abruisin, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, after much research I have decided on a bike. A BMW GS 650, now time to start looking, ill provide some pics when I get a bike. Ill be looking at the GS, the Dakar and the Sertao. Ill keep you all updated as time goes on. Until then ride safe, keep it upright and the rubber to the road.

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  3. Hi,
    I tested the 650 gs and 700 gs this week. The 700 is a much smoother ride and better power. 650 pops a lot and there is a lot of vibration. The 700 of course has a much bigger price tag. Basically the bikes are very different, l recommend you try the 700 before deciding on the 650. Good luck!
  4. The 650 is a single cylinder (derived from the Rotax engine) the 700 is a parallel twin.
    That would explain the difference in engine characteristics.
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    Indeed it does but not BMWs incredibly stupid model names.

    A 650 that's a 650, a 650 that's an 800, a 700 that's an 800 (oh and some others where they somehow managed to get it right).

    PS I think the Sertao is nice :)
  6. They do it to distract us from the reliability issues.
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  7. Mhi Cosi and womble, appreciate the advice, unfortunately being restricted to a LAMS bike, the 650 is the only choice availble to me at this point. Wish I could buy the 700, but sadly the man tells me i ain't allowed to ride it.
  8. I was told by my local dealer the Sertao is no longer in production. And bimmer have no plans to replace it. Normal gs 650 still available.
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  9. I had the Sertao last week as a loaner while my K was getting serviced. I rode about 100km on it through traffic and on freeway.

    It is tall, so make sure you can reach the ground. The thumper has good torque and will move off without throttle on flat ground. It is quick enough to 80-90km/h but quickly runs out of steam above that and it does have the typical thumper vibrations.
    The only real options on it are heated grips, they work but is it a very basic bike otherwise and adjustable SACHS suspension.
    The digital ta go is hard to read if that's important to you and there is no fuel gauge or fuel tap but there is a light. It's nimble and stops very well, is plush and comfy to ride but I'm not sure that seat would be good for more than a tank of fuel.
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  10. Thanks fir that, great feedback. I stand a shade over 6' tall. So they shouldnt be too much of an issue, tacho diesnt really worry me. But again useful info. Grateful for your reply.
  11. If you're on LAMS and are after something similar to a GS650, there's always the Kawa KLR650. They're pretty much indestructible and cheaper than the BMW.
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  12. Thanks womble, ill have a gander at em.
  13. Cheers for that. also with a kawa.....green is noice....lol
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  14. All thumpers (large single cylinder bikes) will vibrate. You canna change the laws of physics...

    KLR's are the jeep of bikes. Rough and ready, but simple and relatively strong. Lots of aftermarket support available as well, since they've been around for 20 odd years.
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  15. Thanks Mick. Good to know, although the jeep comment is a worry, a mate has one....geezemcrow does he have troubles with it. Lol
  16. Hi I purchased a GS650 last September for commuting and the odd weekend trip. Its a great ride, comfortable and easy to move through the traffic. A key feature is its fuel economy at about 3.2 litres per 100 km. Costs me about $2 a day for petrol. I generally ride at 80-100kph and have at times hit 120 kph without any major problem. Sure its not a street racer, but a refined thumper that pulls well low down. Yet to get real dirty in local country roads

    I was originally looking at the 700 and 800 models but the local dealer totally lost me! (Sales b/s and some)
    I cru
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  17. Oops - laptop on the lounge!!!! Bottom line I am happy with the GS650 and will probably upgrade to the 800 or 1200 in due course.
    Good luck with your decision. Note sue where you are located but can recommend Pro Cycles in Sydney.
    Chrs 3Willy
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  18. Thanks , appreciate it, I am in northern rural Victoria.
  19. I would have nothing to do with Procycles if they were the last Beemer dealer on the planet.
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  20. And your preferred Beemer dealer would be?