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BMW gear where to see/buy NSW

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jorn, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. I have just finished looking at the BMW site and they have a lot of good gear. I had previously had my heart set on some custom made TA leathers but thought it might be worth checking out the BMW gear first. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a place in Sydney (pref Liverpool, Parramatta area) that has stock of this stuff so I can touch/feel/try before I buy.

  2. Welcome to the Forum Jorn

    Am sure they only sell them through BMW dealers who sell the bikes

    Closest would either be Procycles at St Peters or Hornsby or you could take a run up to Karion right next to the Freeway at the Gosford turn off and another one is in Wollongong
  3. I rang Procycles but they don't carry full range. But will order in. Got a couple of prices though and now I'm not so sure it will be worth spending the extra. My issue is it takes 4-5 weeks to get TA suit. Add to this the time it will take me to shed a few kgs to be down to my ideal weight so I don't have a suit custom made then find in a couple months it will be baggy. Was looking at the venting machine suit in particular as I could use this until all of the above happen, especially now it is summer could also use thermal liners under leathers, maybe. I refuse to ride without gear and have to get up enough riding hours to pass Ps before Ls expire. Other option is Dririder mesh jacket and ?Draggins or mesh pants. Rjays mesh jacket very uncomfy. Venting suit $690 jacket, $540 pants or Dririder $300 jacket $200 pants.
  4. Seems those shops at Parramatta - BikeBiz, MCA etc nearly always have a sale on so maybe check them out for prices on the Dririder gear.

    As you'd know the BMW gear isn't cheap. If it's going to take four weeks, why not price the gear from USA or Europe and pay the shipping yourself -most things are usually cheaper if you buy direct from overseas
  5. You know, I have my doubts about all this super-expensive gear. Is a 2k-jacket really 4 times better than a 500-dollar one? Hard to tell.

    Anyway, what was I going to say? Oh, yes. I was going to suggest at this stage don't get hang up about getting the absolute best, just get something reasonable that will get you out on the road, riding. That's what's important. Later you can invest in Tiger Angel, heck, get a BKS suit for 3,000 english pounds if you want! But for now, anything reasonably priced available off the shelf should be good enough for your needs.

    PS. Also, check out Gimoto. Custom made leathers from Italy, now available in Australia. Maybe they can deliver faster than Tiger Angel?
  6. I know Worthington BMW stock a decent range of BMW gear.
    Give them a buzz. I've also found their prices quite reasonable up that way as well - but that was with cars.